Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ice Ice Baby...

Smirnoff Icing.   According to wikipedia, the rules are as follows:

Icing is a drinking game in which certain individuals or groups of individuals are required to drink a bottle of Smirnoff Ice... (while down on one knee) Participants are encouraged to come up with elaborate ways to present the Smirnoff Ice to their targets by hiding bottles in inconspicuous locations. Failure to drink, no matter the circumstance, results in the humiliation of the victim, and players are encouraged to mistreat those who refuse to play. 

Ok, so those rules are kind of hilarious. I had not consumed a Smirnoff Ice since I was like 22 and all of a sudden this year this phenomenon of being "iced" started.  From what I remembered, the ice wasn't good.  The only thing you can do to avoid being iced, is to have a bottle on you at all times.  This "blocks" the ice and requires the "icer" to drink both bottles.

Until Halloween, my friends had not been involved in icings.  But it only takes one you know!  Our friend Brianne took it to a whole new level and rocked out an amazing Smirnoff Ice costume.  Someone cleverly iced her pretty much immediately.

She was a great sport.  How can you not be with that kind of stealth presentation?

And around 4 a.m.,  either Kristen or myself was iced.  I don't know the official rules on "sharing an icing," but it happened.

Smirnoff apparently denies any involvement with starting the game as a marketing ploy. I guess we will never know.  On the bright side, while I won't be purchasing this drink to consume ever,  I think changes have been made since my early twenties and it was not as awful as I remembered. 


The Adorkable Ditz said...

Yup, you'll never see me partake in drinking games.

Sarah RDH said...

omg I haven't drank it since high school. ahem. and i don't plan to either. it's def. a starter drink. lol

International Woman of Mystery said...

I'm so glad you have explained this. I've been wondering about "icing" as you've mentioned it before! Is this something you made up? Or is this something that is common knowledge?

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Jules!

tattytiara said...

Haha - love the undercover booze!

Jeremy said...

Icing came and went. It's been over since the summer. It's cool though, when you are so busy being up on fashion trends, it's easy to get behind on drinking trends ;)

P.S.- My cousin got iced during his own wedding, by the bride. Here's the link to the vid.