Friday, December 17, 2010

The Fashion Gods Heard Me!

Well it appears as though I'll be coming out of my "early retirement" sooner than I thought. This is good and bad for various reasons.

Let's start with the clothes.  As previously discussed, my current work clothes were crap. This is mostly due to the fact that my last place of employment was an ice box and my sole goal in attire was to stay warm while I sat on a heating pad when possible.  Upon being offered my new job, I determined I had to do something about my wardrobe.  One important thing I discovered about my soon to be new office?  It is climate controlled!!! I'll be able to wear professional clothes again.  You seriously can not imagine how miserable it is for a person who loves clothes as much as I do to be limited so much by temperature.

Kohl's is a store where I rarely shop.  Oh, but did I on Wednesday.  I found suits, and pencil skirts and sweaters with the backs cut out and replaced with lace. (Classy lace, not country lace!)  I scored mega bonus points with the fellow because I presented him with super warm gloves, and now he loves me even more than he did.  Kohl's is a silly place really.  Everything was like one million percent off and my total savings amount was $198. Well over the amount I  actually spent.

In addition to having new clothes, there are other pro's to having a job again.  I have given up on giving up coffee.  I think.  I gave it up as a habit sometime shortly after starting the last job, partially because no one else drank it there.  Also, I was feeling all self impotant like, "Oh I don't NEED coffee anymore. I am above that."  But I missed it desperately the whole time.  Sometime in my month of unemployment I picked up the habit again.  And it is fantastic.  I don't WANT to stop.

I'm looking forward to communicating with people who have personalities.  I can't wait to have a sense of accomplishment again.

As for the bad.  I was rather starting to enjoy my time off.  It is just too weird and surreal to enjoy it at first but then you get into it.  You organize, you write, you make your sister a custom snuggie (with "features") for Christmas, and you make curtains, and refurbish random furniture that was left at your house from previous tenants.  You sing what you're doing and talk to yourself because no one else is home and you can. "I'm goooing down the staaaaaairs! I'm going to make bean with baaacon soup.  Forrrrr. Myyy. LUUUNNNCH!!!" (Big theatrical ending on "lunch.")

I'll have to get up early.  What is interesting is that I did not revert to a crazy up until 3 a.m. and sleep until noon schedule.  Really,  I only shifted about an hour, but I still find it fascinating that my body HATES getting up at 7:30 a.m., but happily rises at 8:30 a.m.

In the end, I'm looking forward to a new beginning.  (And lot's of pretty clothes and delicious coffee.)


Renee said...

I LOVE Kohl's. I always find a ton of great stuff there. In fact, I was just there last weekend.

Good luck at the new job!

Anonymous said...

Kohl's is awesome. I get most of my clothes there. My new school semester clothes that I got were mostly from Kohl's. The only bad part about Kohl's or at least at the one where by me is that it's a wreck a lot of the time.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh this had me laughing out loud... "I'm goooing down the staaaaaairs! I'm going to make bean with baaacon soup. Forrrrr. Myyy. LUUUNNNCH!!!" (Big theatrical ending on "lunch.")

Glad I found you (and by 'found you' I mean followed you after you found me) - you're funny.

And now I off to the lauuuuundrooooomaaaaaaattttt because I have tooooo waaaa aaaaaashhhhh maaaahhhhhhh cloooooothees, oh yeeaaaahh!

Sarah xxx

Colleen said...

Best wishes in everything new! Love the part where you sing about bacon soup. I do the same thing. Punky has caught me before and thinks I'm nuts.

My body hates getting up when it's told to . . .

Paige said...

i will admit...kohls not may favorite place...

Jen said...

Hey, and just remember, when you look good at work, you feel good too!! I'm able to wear jeans at work but when I dress up, I feel just a little bit more confident and professional... love that feeling!!

Happy Weekend Dear! xo

The Frisky Virgin said...

I love Kohl's-great store, great deals. The fashion Gods were definitely in your corner! I always feel better when I like what I'm wearing, especially if it's for a new job or new date or, well, new anything. Plus, needing to change the karma gives you a reason to shop. Love having a reason to shop. :)