Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Halloween Story

So Halloween was an eventful one.  As the evening was coming to a close seven of us piled into a car to head back to Kristen's house.  (Yes, I said seven.)  There was only one problem.  There were eight of us.  (Ok, maybe there was more than one problem.)  It's hard enough to round up seven people out of a bar as it is, so it was decided we would keep an eye out for our missing party as we headed home.  As it's less than a mile drive, it did not take long until we saw Jeff swiftly walking on the sidewalk. By the time Newman found a safe place to turn around and wait, and Kristen and I got out of the car, we had lost Jeff again.  Here is a retelling of the story at hand as written by Kristen herself.  (My notes are in italics and the cast is listed below.)

Julie: The Other Mother from Coraline
Kristen: Lucy Ricardo
Jud: Ricky Ricardo (had called it an early night and was at home)
Jeff: Defendor (Jud's [Ricky's] brother)

The Other Mother



Other Mother and Lucy Ricardo run down the street, yelling for Defendor. "DEFENDOR!!" "JEFF!". No response. The girls are very distraught that they have lost Ricky's brother. (They're going to have some 'splaining to do!!!)

Just when they begin to lose hope, they spot a familiar helmet turning down an unfamiliar street, and they run after him! "DEFENDOR!!" "JEFF!" "DEFENDOR!" To their dismay, as Defendor sees them running toward him, he starts running too- but-away from them! In their heels, the girls quickly stop running after him and stand there in confusion.

Several minutes later, Defendor comes trudging back down the street, bruised and bloody. (Like giant gash on his chin and skin torn off his now bleeding fingers.) The girls usher him into the car, where they discover that he fell down while running. "But, Defendor, why were you running?" they ask.

"There was someone chasing me."

[end scene]

Yeah, that was us.  Oops.  It's easy to get confused on Halloween. With people only half in their costumes and wig-hair flailing behind them. After many cocktails. Who can blame him?


Slamdunk said...

Ha, better safe than sorry. I don't blame him.

Kristen said...

I love it! Best Halloween ever.

Colleen said...

Ha, that's too funny. I suppose I might run away, too.

Miss*Kimmy said...

Oh I LOVE that Other Mother costume!
I love Coraline .. I have it at home ... maybe I'll watch it tonight hehe.