Monday, November 15, 2010

Night Notes on Newmans Birthday

Newman insists on calling me "Fun Police" because I don't go out very much anymore.  But I think I'm a lot of fun.  I mean I called out all the stops Saturday night.  I wore my level three bump-it Snooki style and some of my most favorite and important shoes ever.   We didn't even have time to take that many notes we were having so much fun. I think.

Newman's Birthday/"Early Retirement Night" at Fado

Kristen to Ian: Whatever your heard, didn't happen.
Ian:  It'll go sideways before it goes up or down.

And apparently there is a note somewhere about me smelling like a pot pie, because I fell on Belles (the dogs) pie, or perhaps something about I dropped my blanket in it and then used it?  I don't entirely recall.
Teaching Katie the "Crab Pose." 
I have the best friends in the world!
Seriously, that was an aggressive "poof" I was wearing.  Trust me, it was necessary!

And I'm done!


Anonymous said...

Gee if I had known there was a birthday party coming up I would have stayed in MD the entire week last week. Oh wait I don't know any of the people...would it have been cool for someone to crash the party??? :-) Just think the notes might have read visitor made my blanket smell like a dog pie :-)

Birdie said...

That is an aggressive poof...and I love you for it:)

Stephanie Faris said...

You're so beautiful. And you're rockin' that Bump-It! I've never tried them. Do they stay where they're supposed to?

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

That is one serious poof, you are not messing around!

Love Fado - not been there in a long time. Looks like a fun night!

Jen said...

Bahaha I love the end of the night fetal position on the ground shot - totally how my nights out end up lol

Elizabeth said...

What a fun night that looks like! :-) I see you are a wine girl!! Me too!!

The Lady Board said...

Hahaha- love it!!! And you totally rocked the bump!!