Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New York City Follow-Up

It occurred to me that I never followed up on the big NYC trip at the end of August.  Can I just say that New York City is one of the most energizing, inspiring places I have ever been and it is every time I go? Our hotel in Chelsea was amazing, dinner at Cask was exactly what we were looking for. Dark, trendy and not too heavy.  From there we had classy drinks and acted responsibly at another bar while talking about boys and sex before it was time to really make this a bachelorette party.  At Tonic.   Three floors, a rooftop,  dance music and beautiful people.  Lots of red bull/vodkas, more shots than I'd like to admit, a trip to a pizza place and one rowdy cab ride home and we stumbled back to the hotel.  I wont mention that one of our girls, (and for real it was not me) may have used the hallway phone to call downstairs to not only request they deliver a Celeste pizza from the hotel store, but cook it before bringing it up.  (And yes, I did say we had just come from having pizza. ) We did get a visit from a lovely concierge after that but it was not with pizza, but to request we "go to bed." Which we did. Very politely.  Before you go feeling sorry for the other residents on our floor, don't you worry.  Our floor was just us and another bachelorette party we had previously "exchanged eyes" with on the way out that night.  They were just jealous because our party had better shoes than theirs.  That, and we were all coordinating, with everyone wearing black except for Kristen who wore white.  How clever are we?

This moment could not have been more perfect.  NYFD washing the trucks right when we walked by and actually suggested a photo. 

All the girls at Tonic. 

My dress is pretty awesome. You can tell by how intrigued the guy behind me is. 

This is how I stand. 
It would appear we can no longer keep our heads up.  Like, none of us.

One of my most favorite photos ever. 


Eva Gallant said...

Looks like a fun time. Love that you all dressed in black and the bride to be wore white!

Sir Thomas said...

those legs just go on and on forever....