Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Double Header Night Notes this week...

So I was in a mood last night.  Nothing is going smoothly on the topic of wedding planning.  I came home grouchy. Then I found that Nat had prepared a hot bath for me. Like it was waiting and all I had to do was get in.  Total moment. Love him.

We decided to go to Sakura for dinner.  That was interesting.  There was a new Hibachi Chef and he had an interesting sense of humor.  When I told him my name was Julie, he said he'd call me Juliette because he was Romeo. Ok. Har de har. I see what you did there. But then he asked if I had a big mouth.  And then said "we will find out." Now I get that he was technically talking about the shrimp throwing at the end, but there was definite innuendo.  Further awkwardness ensued when he called the couple next to us fat and the little boy (granted he did have long hair) at our table Princess. Repeatedly. So uncomfortable.

In any event, we then proceeded on to meet some friends for late night drinks.  It went something like this.

Night Notes at Wild Orchid and Treaty of Paris on WTF Tuesday

Julie: So you've all hooked up with her. How does that make you feel? a team.

Julie: What do you want to drink?
Newman: Redka Vodbulls.

Julie: I don't think we would like to hear, "Oh, there's your man in the boat!"
Peanut: You've never heard that term?!
Julie, Nat, Newman: NO!!!!!!

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