Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thai on Tuesday

Eventually, I did move out of my parents house, and in with my good friend Becca.  You may remember her from this story. (Which actually makes me think of the roofie story which we may get to later this week. Maybe.)

One night, Becca and our other bestie Chrissi (we all lived together) went to a party at a mutual friends house.  They all wanted me to meet James. James was super cute.  Tall, dark hair, light blue eyes and was cut. I don't recall all the circumstances of our initial meeting but we must have exchanged phone numbers because later that week we secured a date via home phone.  By this point, I had mastered making toast and it was a good thing because I pretty much existed on sandwiches, so when he asked me if I liked Thai food I was pretty nervous.  While my parents had always exposed me to lots of foods, I resisted. But the guy was cute, so I said, "I love it!"  We went to Terra Thai in Bethesda and I was immediately smitten by it's underwater murals and general decor.  Plus, I felt glamourous dating during the week and in Bethesda at that, even if I was just wearing a jean skirt. (What? I had like JUST moved out of my parents house.  It was a big deal!) (And yes, I do remember exactly what I was wearing.  And I do for all of these dating posts at that. Don't judge.)

I guess the date was going well.  No awkward silences. We saw "Blue Crush" afterwards. Typical dinner/movie date.  There was just one little nagging problem.  I couldn't get past his laugh. It was BAD. Cute, successful, fun, good kisser, but I found myself trying to not say funny things to prevent the inevitable, "Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh."  What was I to do?  I avoided his calls.  Pretty awkward when he came to our house the next weekend when it would seem my house was hosting a party.  Clearly, I didn't think that one out.   I hid in my room with some other friends I had invited and made a production of flirting with their guy friend until I passed out from drinking too much grain alcohol/gatorade beverages from my good friend (to this day) Jeremy. All in all, probably the best thing I could have done was go to sleep and stop making a fool of myself.

Years later, James and I crossed paths again once I had relocated to Annapolis.  By this time, I had matured (maybe?) and was a bit more direct with my approach.  I told him there was no point in trying this again as it didn't work the first time. (As I kissed him at the bar. Oops.)  His reply? "Huh, huh, huh."  But don't go feeling too sorry for him. By this point in time it was well known and all in good fun that he had a funny laugh.  I'm sure he is doing just fine these days!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Chef in the Suit and SUV

Shortly after the whole Shawn disaster, I met Alex.  He was several inches taller than me, and was good friends with my best friend Sarah's serious boyfriend so he had people to vouch for him that he didn't steal things.  Plus, he lived in the pool house separate from his parents so I wasn't going to have to deal with any angry Mom's as far as I could tell.  We met when he hosted a birthday party complete with a full bar and of course pool for Sarah's guys 21st Birthday.  I impressed him with my ability to play a solid game of chess after drinking copious amounts of various types of alcohol.  I wasn't that into him but it seemed like it would be really convenient if I was since all our friends were friends so we made out that night.

The next week he picked me up at my parents driving a large SUV and wearing a suit to go to an Italian restaurant in DC.  (My parents were happy about the upgrade in vehicle, attire and lack of visible tattoos, but were not impressed with his stiff personality. I think they may have thought I was starting to lose it. Plus, I might have still been casually dating the "sweet fellow" they liked and Mom was getting stressed out about dodging his phone calls when I was out with other suitors. Sorry Mom!)  So at this point in my life, I could barely boil water and frequently burned toast, and this guy was an actual chef.  Like told me stories about hanging out with Emeril.  I'm pretty sure I inappropriately spread olive tapenade on my bread when I was supposed to dip it and ordered the only thing I could pronounce on the Italian menu. Halfway through dinner, I knew I was done and was longing for relaxed night with the sweet guy but we still had to go to National World War II Memorial.  It was beautiful.

It would have been the perfect romantic date had I been into him.  Honestly, there was nothing wrong with Alex.  He was an attractive guy who had a lot going for him, but I had tried to force it and it wasn't working.   I even kissed him that night, (um, did you see the above pictures?  You at least have to give it one more go in that setting!) but alas, there was no spark.

I was far too immature in those days to be honest and tell someone I did not want to see them further.  My Mom dodged his house calls and I dodged his calls on my cell phone for a good week or two before I received his last message.  "Damn girl, you are hard to get ahold of."  I think he heard it and gave up then.

All was not lost.  When Sarah and her fellow married years later, Alex and I chatted at the wedding and there were no hard feelings. I do believe I heard he found his perfect match since then.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

In the beginning...(ish)

I promised a dating story a day.  The hard part is to know where to begin.  I could start at the beginning, but I think it may be best to start with a disclaimer.  I dated a lot of people in my twenties.  Some good, some bad.  I don't condone all the things I did and for that, I'm keeping this lighthearted and I'm not going to get into actual relationships. Oh, and of course names will be changed.  Who KNOWS who may be linked up on my facebook and reading this.

Fresh out of my first long term relationship, I had a lot of makingout-up to do.  Life was quickly changing for the better and I was meeting new people all the time.  A new friend of mine introduced me to a fellow that was super cute and fun, but too young for her.  I met Shawn at a bar with a bunch of her friends. We hit it off and decided to go out the next weekend. I was 21, still living at home and was a little anxious that the first fellow my parents were going to inevitably meet after three years had bleached blonde hair, tattoos on his neck and drove a souped up electric blue Honda civic.  What can ya do? Fast and Furious was just out and I thought his car and tattoos were hot.  Plus, he was super cute minus the fact that he was an inch shorter than me.  

We went for Mexican a good hour drive away and began ordering margaritas.  I was pretty innocent, new to the drinking scene and a little nervous about the quantity consumed after our swift drive there in the "fancy" car.  (Ok, actually I might have also been dating a VERY sweet fellow already but wasn't ready for anything serious so I was concerned about having to explain an accident to him. Technically, I was not cheating though.) When it was time to leave his card was denied.  This was a red flag, but I let it slide and paid the bill.  Red Flag #2 was when I realized he was smuggling a margarita glass out in his oversized North Face jacket. I don't know how I let him get away with Red Flag #3 and let him convince me to partake in the stealing and place a glass in my purse.  

But I did.  Not only that, but I brought all my friends with me to the bonfire he invited me to the next night.  I kind of wanted to show him off partially because he was really cute, but I think mostly I knew this would not be going anywhere but I wanted their opinion.  He was on good behavior and didn't steal anything and I didn't have to pay for anything so there was that.  

On date number three I met his Mom.  We went to his house to watch movies.  I was a little gun shy from trashy Mom's of relationships past and when she arrived home, refused to acknowledge me and picked a fight with him in front of me, I knew I was done.  I would have gotten out of there sooner, but his little niece arrived to question "Uncle Shawn," on why every time she used the bathroom after him, the toilet was clogged. I laughed out loud.  She cut her eyes, shook her neck and head with alarming nine year old skill and threatened to cut me.  I did not return his calls. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wedding Planning and Frog Kissing

I just got an email from theknot.com to inform me that I am getting married in three months.  Um, panic much?  Not about getting married of course. I know I've found my match.  There are just so many things left to be done.  Like invitations, and rings, and hair and finishing favors to name only a few. Here are a few highlights of my wedding panic issues so far:

1.  I went to Michael's and Joanne Fabric like five times trying to pick out supplies for Save the Dates and had my graphically designingly inclined friend Mel draft them before I just gave up and did them via email.

2.  Near meltdown trying to agree on dishes while registering after I had debated for months and decided to not register at all based entirely on not being able to pick dishes. (We'll have these dishes for like...the rest of our lives!!!)

3.  I have a huge fear of the "ugly cry," when I walk down the aisle.  I want to make sure I look like this:

and not this

Oye. That is not good.  So I've devised a plan.  And people aren't going to like it but it doesn't matter because it's not their wedding. We are doing a "first look." I've discussed it with a bunch of my recently married friends and my photographer and it's going to happen so don't try to talk me out of it.  I'm sure it will take the pressure off... and if not, well, I guess there will be nothing left to do but...make sure my photographer destroys the evidence. (Which I'm sure he will because he is awesome!)

4.  Do all brides fear the "engagement period knock-up?" I never thought about it until my friend Kristen expressed her fear of getting preggers before her wedding.  "You'll be fine," I assured her. "Nothing to worry about." Then I got engaged and then I purchased my dress and suddenly it's like, "OMG you've gone your whole life and managed to not get pregnant. Do NOT F it up now."  But then one day you get an email from the knot.com saying you've only got 3 months and you realize that if you can just make it through this one last month you're pretty much in the clear! I mean, except for the fact that we don't want to have kids at all, but I'd be good to go with the dress situation. Right? RIGHT?!?!

So, on that note, yeah, I've been doing some wedding planning. But how did I get here? I'm not your average 25 year old bride.  Partially, because I'm not 25 but most importantly because I never wanted to get married too early and I never really wanted to do the hard core planning/organization of a wedding.  I kissed a lot of frogs before I met Nat.  Last week I promised a blog a day and failed.  Next week, I'm promising a dating story a day.  So stay tuned next week to meet some of my Mr. Wrongs that led me to Mr. Right. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I can't post every day this week!

I said I could yesterday, but then I realized (for the second time this week) that Thanksgiving is on Thursday. So really,  I'm going to be very busy with family things, homework, and turkey eating. I can't post everyday this week! (But maybe next week.)

I can however leave you with Night Notes not only from Saturday night, but last night as well!
(And yes, they both take place at the infamous  Harry Browne's.  (Which is officially back in full effect even though we all swore we would stop going in 2010.)


Julie to Kristen:  Those were your old teeth.

Jud:  Why have my ears seperated?
Julie: Separation-occur occur.

Kristen:  We all have to be The Count sometimes.


Julie:  Do not mock the man's level.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A quick update

So my Christmas Cactus and I are on speaking terms again! (Sorry for the poor quality photo.  I took this using my computer camera on a whim.)  In real life, those are beautiful pink flowers just about to open!  Christmas Cactus and I had a long talk about a month ago, we repotted and now we are both happy!

I went out with Kristen and Jud on Saturday and noticed that downtown was filled with Christmas lights and garland with lots of red bows.  When did it become Christmas?  Did you know that Thanksgiving is this week?  Where have I been?  Walking around in a daze actually. There are a couple of Night Notes which I'll try to post in the next few days, but my main goal is something much bigger.  I've suddenly got a lot more free time on my hands (which I think we can all guess what that means) and my main goal is to finish a play I started a few years ago and just never have the time to complete.  I'm considering posting an excerpt on here just to get a little feed back and see what the interest level is.  We'll see.  At the same time, I'm going to try to post everyday this week. I've got some funny anecdotes from my trials of wedding planning and the fears that go with it to share. 

Hope everyone is enjoying a short week, and I'll be back!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Night Notes on Newmans Birthday

Newman insists on calling me "Fun Police" because I don't go out very much anymore.  But I think I'm a lot of fun.  I mean I called out all the stops Saturday night.  I wore my level three bump-it Snooki style and some of my most favorite and important shoes ever.   We didn't even have time to take that many notes we were having so much fun. I think.

Newman's Birthday/"Early Retirement Night" at Fado

Kristen to Ian: Whatever your heard, didn't happen.
Ian:  It'll go sideways before it goes up or down.

And apparently there is a note somewhere about me smelling like a pot pie, because I fell on Belles (the dogs) pie, or perhaps something about I dropped my blanket in it and then used it?  I don't entirely recall.
Teaching Katie the "Crab Pose." 
I have the best friends in the world!
Seriously, that was an aggressive "poof" I was wearing.  Trust me, it was necessary!

And I'm done!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Preferred method of communication...

As of late, Nat and I communicate via "Stickie Note" on my computer.  But mostly just about things we don't want to forget to tell each other.   (In case the photo does not enlarge enough, you know I've included the break down below.)  I guess we can call this photo, "Anytime Notes on Mac Stickies."

your sock is behind the couch
Can you please retrieve it for me? xoxo
Also, are you working on Sunday and if not can we go register?  I promise it will be fun.  It will be like shopping without spending money. Or instant gratification...occur.
i am working on sunday
Can you ask your mom about the addresses that I asked her for last week.  If I could get that tomorrow that would be grrrrreat. 

For the record, the sock as been retrieved, we registered last Tuesday and we will see tomorrow if I get the desired addresses from Nat's Mom. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Halloween Story

So Halloween was an eventful one.  As the evening was coming to a close seven of us piled into a car to head back to Kristen's house.  (Yes, I said seven.)  There was only one problem.  There were eight of us.  (Ok, maybe there was more than one problem.)  It's hard enough to round up seven people out of a bar as it is, so it was decided we would keep an eye out for our missing party as we headed home.  As it's less than a mile drive, it did not take long until we saw Jeff swiftly walking on the sidewalk. By the time Newman found a safe place to turn around and wait, and Kristen and I got out of the car, we had lost Jeff again.  Here is a retelling of the story at hand as written by Kristen herself.  (My notes are in italics and the cast is listed below.)

Julie: The Other Mother from Coraline
Kristen: Lucy Ricardo
Jud: Ricky Ricardo (had called it an early night and was at home)
Jeff: Defendor (Jud's [Ricky's] brother)

The Other Mother



Other Mother and Lucy Ricardo run down the street, yelling for Defendor. "DEFENDOR!!" "JEFF!". No response. The girls are very distraught that they have lost Ricky's brother. (They're going to have some 'splaining to do!!!)

Just when they begin to lose hope, they spot a familiar helmet turning down an unfamiliar street, and they run after him! "DEFENDOR!!" "JEFF!" "DEFENDOR!" To their dismay, as Defendor sees them running toward him, he starts running too- but-away from them! In their heels, the girls quickly stop running after him and stand there in confusion.

Several minutes later, Defendor comes trudging back down the street, bruised and bloody. (Like giant gash on his chin and skin torn off his now bleeding fingers.) The girls usher him into the car, where they discover that he fell down while running. "But, Defendor, why were you running?" they ask.

"There was someone chasing me."

[end scene]

Yeah, that was us.  Oops.  It's easy to get confused on Halloween. With people only half in their costumes and wig-hair flailing behind them. After many cocktails. Who can blame him?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Double Header Night Notes this week...

So I was in a mood last night.  Nothing is going smoothly on the topic of wedding planning.  I came home grouchy. Then I found that Nat had prepared a hot bath for me. Like it was waiting and all I had to do was get in.  Total moment. Love him.

We decided to go to Sakura for dinner.  That was interesting.  There was a new Hibachi Chef and he had an interesting sense of humor.  When I told him my name was Julie, he said he'd call me Juliette because he was Romeo. Ok. Har de har. I see what you did there. But then he asked if I had a big mouth.  And then said "we will find out." Now I get that he was technically talking about the shrimp throwing at the end, but there was definite innuendo.  Further awkwardness ensued when he called the couple next to us fat and the little boy (granted he did have long hair) at our table Princess. Repeatedly. So uncomfortable.

In any event, we then proceeded on to meet some friends for late night drinks.  It went something like this.

Night Notes at Wild Orchid and Treaty of Paris on WTF Tuesday

Julie: So you've all hooked up with her. How does that make you feel?
Bill:...like a team.

Julie: What do you want to drink?
Newman: Redka Vodbulls.

Julie: I don't think we would like to hear, "Oh, there's your man in the boat!"
Peanut: You've never heard that term?!
Julie, Nat, Newman: NO!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New York City Follow-Up

It occurred to me that I never followed up on the big NYC trip at the end of August.  Can I just say that New York City is one of the most energizing, inspiring places I have ever been and it is every time I go? Our hotel in Chelsea was amazing, dinner at Cask was exactly what we were looking for. Dark, trendy and not too heavy.  From there we had classy drinks and acted responsibly at another bar while talking about boys and sex before it was time to really make this a bachelorette party.  At Tonic.   Three floors, a rooftop,  dance music and beautiful people.  Lots of red bull/vodkas, more shots than I'd like to admit, a trip to a pizza place and one rowdy cab ride home and we stumbled back to the hotel.  I wont mention that one of our girls, (and for real it was not me) may have used the hallway phone to call downstairs to not only request they deliver a Celeste pizza from the hotel store, but cook it before bringing it up.  (And yes, I did say we had just come from having pizza. ) We did get a visit from a lovely concierge after that but it was not with pizza, but to request we "go to bed." Which we did. Very politely.  Before you go feeling sorry for the other residents on our floor, don't you worry.  Our floor was just us and another bachelorette party we had previously "exchanged eyes" with on the way out that night.  They were just jealous because our party had better shoes than theirs.  That, and we were all coordinating, with everyone wearing black except for Kristen who wore white.  How clever are we?

This moment could not have been more perfect.  NYFD washing the trucks right when we walked by and actually suggested a photo. 

All the girls at Tonic. 

My dress is pretty awesome. You can tell by how intrigued the guy behind me is. 

This is how I stand. 
It would appear we can no longer keep our heads up.  Like, none of us.

One of my most favorite photos ever. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Night Notes on Halloween

So Haiku Monday has been replaced this week by Halloween Night Notes.  We started the night at the second annual Halloween party at Kristen's house.  Everyone looked amazing in costume. My camera is on the fritz but I hope to gather pics from others soon to post.  I was "The Other Mother," from Coraline which ended up being kind of a disaster because I couldn't see at all with my button eyes and believe it or not,  people in their 20's have no idea about the movie Coraline.  I assure you it's creepy as hell though.

We didn't start taking notes until after the house party and the big Fado costume contest, when we were actually getting ready to leave HB's so there are only a few.  Incidentally, at Fado Kristen (Lucy Ricardo) nearly got into a fight with "The Easy Button" and I exchanged heated words with..a dude nerd? I'm not even sure. Halloween is so weird.  So without further ado, I present... The Halloween Night Notes.

Bri: I just called those guys "carbon monoxide."
Julie: I didn't say she was DTF!
Bri & Julie: Cabs are here!!!
Julie:  Look at that bitch. She's a peacock.

Yeah, all I can really say is that Halloween is always a debacle.  I like it.  I'm wearing something comfy next year.

Nat decided yesterday that he wanted to pass out Halloween candy.  I had never done this before (because I'm terrified of children and would not know what to say to them) and it turned out Nat had not either.  In the end, it ended up being really sweet and romantic actually.  And the kids were adorable!