Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Knowledge VS THE Bombshells

Via Text:

Julie: I sold 12 bottles of wine tonight!
Nat: I sold 6.5 cases.
Julie: Show off.

For the record, Nat is an official sommelier which means he knows a lot about wine.  He sells it for a living and knows lots of other "wine people." So many, he even hooked me up with a sweet part time job doing wine tastings.  I don't really know a lot about wine but probably a little more than the average person.

So we were both conducting wine tastings in liquor stores from 4-7 last Friday night.  Well, his was a real liquor/wine store and mine was the kind that is in the back of the Rite-Aid so only regulars know about it and the selection is much smaller. Clearly, he had an advantage.  Clearly, his text response sparked my competitive side.

Then I remembered a conversation I'd had with April the previous night.  She accidentally purchased "The Bombshell" when she recently went into Victoria's Secret for an "everyday bra."  She said it was amazing. I drove straight to Victoria's Secret the next morning.  Nat may have the knowledge of wine, but I've got two things he hasn't got. And they were about to get bigger.  I requested the magical bra and I was informed it's name is technically, "The Miraculous." Even better.

I was a little doubtful when I saw it.  Where were my actual boobs going to go?  This thing was 95% padded.  I was doubtful.  Until I put it on.  There wasn't a chance in hell this bra was not coming home with me. Mel and the sales lady said I looked good.  It definitely makes you at least a full cup size larger, and gives us barely B's, mad cleavage. Like REAL cleavage. I'd post pics, but this really isn't that kind of a blog.

Now I just wonder what would happen if I used "The Miraculous" in conjunction with the "chicken cutlets..."

We'll see who sells the most wine now....


That's What She Said... (No, Really!) said...

Hahaha! Great post. I like where your head's at.

Eva Gallant said...

Too funny! Good luck.