Monday, September 6, 2010

Love and Marriage

My best friend just had a MAGICAL wedding this weekend and I feel like I'm still in shock. The day was a simply perfect series of love, great friends, family, beautiful moments, a few hilarious mishaps during the ceremony and of course the dancing.  Here are a few highlights from my camera, but I'll save the unveiling of Kristen's beauty when the link is provided from the professionals. 

Riding in style...

How HOT are these groomsmen?!?!

I had a fantastic time leading up to the reception.  Getting ready with the girls, giggling through the ceremony, having a blast during our photo shoot, the private cocktail hour with the wedding party, and finally the big introduction.  None of us were nervous by that time since we all had several glasses of champagne by then.  We were ready to get the party started! Being able to sit down with my love for the first time that day? Well it looked like this. 

My fellow.
 (And also those are NOT my beers.  Like I said, I was having the champagne!)


Eva Gallant said...

Those groomsmen were definitely hot!

Brittany said...

You are such a hottie pa tottie and so were those groomsmen! Send any single ones my way!!!!