Sunday, September 26, 2010

Forgotten Night Notes...

...and the elusive Night Note on a matchbook.

These are not from the same night, but I thought I'd post them together anyway. The crumpled napkin says, "Apparently, there was a devil o seven movie." It's wrinkly because I spilled my bev on it, but not because I was intoxicated. Just because I'm clumsy. 

The match book is from the night of Kristen's Wedding and it says,

Jud: Spencer's gorgeous. 
Ape: Ha! This is the best convo ever!

And that it was.  I only wish I remember it better as I in fact WAS intoxicated that night.  But that is to be expected at a wedding of it's caliber. 


Stephanie Faris said...

Devil O Seven movie? What's that???

Eva Gallant said...

Love it! Devil o Seven! lol

Dan said...

I don't get it? I'm being stupid, aren't I?

One Blonde Girl said...

I love these.

Java said...

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