Monday, September 27, 2010

Haiku Monday

You never know what
intriguing things you'll find while
weekend house cleaning.

That was my haiku weekend, what was yours?
Sidenote, the house is getting really organized and making me happy.  But I still can not decide WHAT to do with this horrid wallpaper we are not allowed to take down...

It's making me bug-eyed crazy!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Forgotten Night Notes...

...and the elusive Night Note on a matchbook.

These are not from the same night, but I thought I'd post them together anyway. The crumpled napkin says, "Apparently, there was a devil o seven movie." It's wrinkly because I spilled my bev on it, but not because I was intoxicated. Just because I'm clumsy. 

The match book is from the night of Kristen's Wedding and it says,

Jud: Spencer's gorgeous. 
Ape: Ha! This is the best convo ever!

And that it was.  I only wish I remember it better as I in fact WAS intoxicated that night.  But that is to be expected at a wedding of it's caliber. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The new potato chip and the girl from the Maroon 5 video

There is no snack I love more than the crunchy, greasy, salty potato chip.  For that matter, sushi is pretty much the only food that only a daily basis I can say I enjoy more than the potato chip.  It's truly a love/love/hate relationship. I love them, they love my thighs and hips and I hate that.

There was a period of time in my life that I did not eat potato chips.  My stomach was extra flat.  These days I eat chips and suck it in.  I have not been able to find a substitute that was healthy enough to replace my coveted chip.  I know nothing lacking serious carbs is ever going to satisfy quite like the chip, but I have finally found something nutritious enough that I think I can substitute.  Well at least through February which is when I wear the big white dress! This magical food I speak of? Bare with me and make it before you bash it. (Yes you have to make it yourself, but it is easy!) KALE CHIPS.

So here's what has to happen.  You buy a bunch of kale.  (Not a ton of it.  Literally, "one bunch.")

1. Rip the kale from the tough skins in "chip size" pieces and rinse.

2. Toss in a big bowl with olive oil and sea salt.
       (I'll be experimenting with other seasonings soon.  I've heard things in the yoga world such as paprika, and garlic. Be creative.)

3.  Foil on a cookie dish, and spread that stuff out in a single layer.

4. Bake in your 350 preheated degree oven for about 20 minutes until the edges are crispy.
         (This is not exact. Check on it and stuff and don't blame me if it burns.)

I've only made it once but here are my "tips."

*To avoid soggy kale chips (nobody wants those) make sure to shake off as much water as you can, don't put on too much olive oil and definitely don't bake more than a single layer at a time.

*Also, have floss handy. You'll see. No really, go look after you eat them.

Now, if you need more motivation for a salty, crunchy, flaky, nutritious snack, check out the girl in the Misery video from Maroon 5.  I've just lost my app for chips anyway. Have you?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haiku Wednesday

We're not doing a weekend recap Haiku because...we're just not. Take this instead. It's how I really feel.

No matter how hard you try, you can never replace coffee with chai.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Love for Husky's and Writing and Family

I'm a dog person. I adore dogs. I'd like a dog, but a big part of my hesitation is that I do not do well when they go. (IE, I don't tell anyone for days and then burst into tears while out with a bunch of friend's celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Bennigan's circa 2003. AWKWARD.)  Regardless, we are most surely taking the dog parenting plunge in a few months when we have time after the wedding.

Meet Lilly.   Lilly is my parents 11 year old Husky who enjoys nothing more than squirrel chasing, beef stew dinners, and the occasional solo vacation.

I know! She is gorgeous. Don't worry. All is well with Lillian, but she gave us quite a fright last week after escaping Saturday afternoon.  We'll never know what she was up to for five days before the local shelter called my relieved parents to say she had been found.  

And this is the email that was later sent out written by my Dad to concerned family members.  I think you'll see where I get my love of writing. 

Sept. 16, 2010.  No longer "on the lam", the notorious Miss Lilly was captured this afternoon on Rachel Kale Road near *Sunnyland, MD and taken to the Tri-County Animal Shelter in Snoozeville. Miss Lilly had been on the run since last Saturday when she escaped from her compound in Country Lakes.

Later in the day, her bail was posted and she left in a silver Ford pick-up named Earl. Things are now back to what passes for normal in Southerntown, MD.

The Country Lakes Dispatch

 *Ok, maybe I got all paranoid and changed the actual names of places.

And then Auntie joined right in on the fun and replied:

Did you have to get Dog the Bounty Hunter involved?  More importantly, who will be providing legal representation at the hearing?

Love and milk bones to you all

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busy, but happy...

Overwhelmed is yet again the word.  Hoping for a real post soon.  In the mean time, WHAT have I gotten myself into?  So happy my parents and sis are coming to help me out with this insane project!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Love and Marriage

My best friend just had a MAGICAL wedding this weekend and I feel like I'm still in shock. The day was a simply perfect series of love, great friends, family, beautiful moments, a few hilarious mishaps during the ceremony and of course the dancing.  Here are a few highlights from my camera, but I'll save the unveiling of Kristen's beauty when the link is provided from the professionals. 

Riding in style...

How HOT are these groomsmen?!?!

I had a fantastic time leading up to the reception.  Getting ready with the girls, giggling through the ceremony, having a blast during our photo shoot, the private cocktail hour with the wedding party, and finally the big introduction.  None of us were nervous by that time since we all had several glasses of champagne by then.  We were ready to get the party started! Being able to sit down with my love for the first time that day? Well it looked like this. 

My fellow.
 (And also those are NOT my beers.  Like I said, I was having the champagne!)

Friday, September 3, 2010

There's a spider in the basement...

(Warning, I am sleep deprived and emotional.)

...and I'm never going down there again.  Mum has been the word this week when I fell ill after Kristen's INSANE bachelorette weekend in New York City. I was in bed from Sunday afternoon until Thursday morning when I forced my still exhausted body to work and to the rehearsal dinner. (A fantastic time was had there too!)

In a daze I just wandered downstairs to grab some towels for my house guests this weekend and noticed one of our many friendly crickets out of the corner of my eye.  Except, it was NOT a friendly cricket! It was the violent and aggressive poisonous Brown Recluse spider known to frequent Maryland. (I know this because I grew up in St. Mary's County. I planned to tell Nat straight away and impress him wiht my spider knowledge which I knew he would doubt upon his arrival home.) So anyway,  I froze in terror.  It was a standoff. I needed those towels but I could not walk past this prowling predator. I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera and Nat's shoe. While I tried to photograph my opponent from a safe distance, he began to move.  I hissed expletives and took aim.  Obviously,  I missed.  The spider lunged towards me and I realized then I was in my bare feet.  I grabbed a long handled feather duster (where did that come from?)  and used even more unlady like profanity, while flailing ungracefully and unsuccessfully at this enemy. He darted into some vacuum cleaner wires and I wacked at him some more while my camera which was still dangling around my neck banged against my side. Surely I was a sight. He faked death and curled in a ball but then darted towards the water heater. B@$%@&#!!! My last swing at him sent him flying in the air and to my horror, to safety.

I stood in still anguish at my defeat and shook violently in fear. This spider is not going to be happy in the future.

In short, if you are staying at my house this weekend, bring your own towel.  Mine are being held hostage in the basement otherwise known as Brown Recluse Land.

Upon Nat's arrival home, he insisted my Recluse was probably just a Wolf spider.  I put on some shoes and started back into Recluse territory but did not have to go far since the spider WAS ON HIS WAY UP THE STAIRS TO SEEK REVENGE!!!  In the end, it may have turned out that he was in fact a mild tempered Wolf type upon further google image research. Don't worry house guests.  Nat has "taken care of the situation" and we are again a spider free environment.