Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Say No to the Dress

I thought I would be all tricky a few weeks ago and have Nat check out the bridal dress magazine and point out what he liked and didn't like. Am I clever or what?! I'd been eyeing this one gown for months and was so uber confident the dress would be mine, I didn't know how to react when the strongest reaction Nat had was to this one particular dress. And it wasn't good.  Full blown rant could actually be used to describe his thoughts on said dress. "Bailey! It looks like $%&ing Bailey," he exclaimed referring to a friends fluffy white dog.  I  hid the tears that threatened to spill over my eyes, and quietly suggested we just keep looking.  I think Nat realized what just occurred. But it only got worse.  The next few dresses he said he did like, I absolutely DESPISED! Would rather wear a black pant suit with shoulder pads and a pleated front than wear the dresses he said he liked.  In retrospect, he was probably just saying he liked them all to make amends.  Being the rational bride that I am, I indicated that we not do this anymore by throwing the magazine across the room and saying that this was "stupid."  He drew me a bath and told me to get in and relax.  (SEE why I'm marrying him?)

Cut to the night before the big shopping day and I am armed with post-its.  I label the dress in question, "Nat HATES, I love. (Try on.)"

My Dad briefly came into the store at the beginning of the shopping excursion and THE dress was on a mannequin. He took one look at it and said he agreed with Nat. Further, he backed up his opinion saying it would make me look bottom heavy.  Grandmere said nothing and my mom who loved the dress as well said we would try it anyway.

(Cut to my Mom running into somebody she knew mid-dress try-on.  She was so happy to share her news as she hugged a previous co-worker.  "That's my daughter," Mom said. "We know. We've been watching. She's beautiful," the lady replied.  My mom was so cute.  "That's the Mother of one of the boys from Good Charlotte," she told me after the woman had left.)

The consultant finally brought the dramatic dress in question.  I put it on and happily paraded out and presented myself to the mirror and my kinswomen. "No," said Grandmere flatly. And she was right.  It was just all wrong. And my Dad was right.  I looked too big on the bottom and too small on the top.  I wanted to love it so much.  Even Mom had to agree, it just paled in comparison to some of the others.  If I chose to live on cucumbers and water for the next several months, then maybe.

Really trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this one was not the dress...Perhaps in the proper size I pondered?


McGriddle Pants said...

good luck on the dress hunt!

and my advice is to not involve men in the hunt. just take the women folk. then find one you love (after the fitting) and show them then! if you're glowing in a dress that fits, and that you love, they'll love it too!

Eva Gallant said...

Such exciting times...trying on wedding dresses! good luck!

Jeremy said...

Speaking as one...boys are just not going to have the enthusiasm for the experience you will, so you're never going to get the answer you want. It's YOUR day, get whatever YOU want.(But between you an me, while I know your oh-so Carrie Bradshaw taste, the top was great, the bottom looked like it should be used to pack fragile stuff at UPS).

Macy said...

The dress is lovely - but to look like the photo it needs to be longer OR ou need to find a way to sit down through the whole day...
good luck!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I can only imagine if I did this with my boyfriend (let him out his 2 cents in on the dress magazine) he would choose all the ones I hated. He does awesome with clothing for me now. He always points out stuff and I wrinkle my nose at it - but when I try it on he's completely right. I hate that!

I think the great thing is that you tried this on, and while it was the dress of your dreams on the model you found it's probably not for you - no matter how much you love it. That being said at least now you can put it out of your mind, open your search up and find the perfect dress for you!

Good Charlotte there is a band name I haven't heard in a while (living in Alabama now, it doesn't exactly come up a lot).

Congrats on the wedding! And good luck finding the perfect dress. They say the dress finds you actually :)