Monday, July 26, 2010

Haiku Monday

Familiar sights and
bright, colorful lights, warm my
soul. My minds at ease.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A day at the Ocean

If you grow up in Maryland,  you are bound to take a family vacation to Ocean City.  The anticipation of spending blissful sandy days at the beach, and hot summer nights riding bumper cars and the tobbogan was almost more than I could bare as a child.  Cut to being a teenager and the excitement was all about looking at cute boys and seeing if you could get one working the amusement game stand to give you whatever cheesy stuffed prize it was you were after even though you weren't able to pop enough balloons with darts, or knock all the cups off the platform with only three baseballs.  The early twenties were all about copious amounts of alcohol, dancing and lots of trouble at Seacrets, then nursing hangovers on the beach the next day.

Somehow, I got too busy for Ocean City, Maryland in the last few years.  It was time to see what it was all about again!  Mel and I decided it was time for a day trip so said I'd invite Cheryl and she said she'd call Vicki.  We left Annapolis about an hour too late to avoid Bay Bridge traffic but still managed to secure a free spot on 11th street and be on the beach by noon yesterday.  It was sweltering but the water was icy and rough.  We devoured ham sandwiches and then did not wait a half an hour to dive into the ocean.  I didn't think about work or to-do lists, or anything stressful as foaming, salty waves crashed over, swirled around and knocked my feet from under me.  Over and over this beast called the ocean shoved me down and left my bathing suit bottoms full of sand, which was slightly surprising considering how many times they practically fell off surely showing my bare bum to all on the shore.  My vacation/beach motto is always, "Who cares?  I'm never going to see these people again."
Sista taking a walk.

Mel and Vic in the waves.

My carb wary conscious allowed me to indulge guilt free in vinegary Thrasher's french-fries.  After barely making a dent in our huge bucket we stealthily placed it in the sand and watched a seagull feeding frenzy go down much to our amusement.  (Don't worry, there was no one around and no fellow beach go-ers were affected by our charade and we got some fun photos!)

The sea gull set-up...

Feeding Frenzy

The Aftermath (and future advertisement for Thrasher's)
Next stop? Tony's Pizza!  By far my favorite boardwalk pizza.  And they didn't disappoint.  Cheryl and I then introduced Mel and Vicki to my favorite jewelry shop. Sanibel!  Not your average shell and friendship bracelet stuff, (not that there is anything wrong with that) you can find inexpensive stirling silver, pearls, amber, you name it.  This time, I finally got around to replacing my toe ring and purchased a silver bracelet with ...well shells.

The sun was just setting when we decided it was time to head home.  All wishes for the day had been satisfied and I left with a general feeling of well-being.  If only for only a day, all was right in my world.

(And Vicki said it best. We would all need to lather, rinse, repeat our sand and suntan lotion soaked hair!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blog technicalities...

Uh oh.  Looks like I'm getting a notification that my blog background is going to disappear on Friday!  I'd been meaning to work with the layout for a while now, but I'm really compulsive about it and know it's going to take hours to commit to something.  So here's a heads-up that we will be getting a new look in the near future.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Say No to the Dress

I thought I would be all tricky a few weeks ago and have Nat check out the bridal dress magazine and point out what he liked and didn't like. Am I clever or what?! I'd been eyeing this one gown for months and was so uber confident the dress would be mine, I didn't know how to react when the strongest reaction Nat had was to this one particular dress. And it wasn't good.  Full blown rant could actually be used to describe his thoughts on said dress. "Bailey! It looks like $%&ing Bailey," he exclaimed referring to a friends fluffy white dog.  I  hid the tears that threatened to spill over my eyes, and quietly suggested we just keep looking.  I think Nat realized what just occurred. But it only got worse.  The next few dresses he said he did like, I absolutely DESPISED! Would rather wear a black pant suit with shoulder pads and a pleated front than wear the dresses he said he liked.  In retrospect, he was probably just saying he liked them all to make amends.  Being the rational bride that I am, I indicated that we not do this anymore by throwing the magazine across the room and saying that this was "stupid."  He drew me a bath and told me to get in and relax.  (SEE why I'm marrying him?)

Cut to the night before the big shopping day and I am armed with post-its.  I label the dress in question, "Nat HATES, I love. (Try on.)"

My Dad briefly came into the store at the beginning of the shopping excursion and THE dress was on a mannequin. He took one look at it and said he agreed with Nat. Further, he backed up his opinion saying it would make me look bottom heavy.  Grandmere said nothing and my mom who loved the dress as well said we would try it anyway.

(Cut to my Mom running into somebody she knew mid-dress try-on.  She was so happy to share her news as she hugged a previous co-worker.  "That's my daughter," Mom said. "We know. We've been watching. She's beautiful," the lady replied.  My mom was so cute.  "That's the Mother of one of the boys from Good Charlotte," she told me after the woman had left.)

The consultant finally brought the dramatic dress in question.  I put it on and happily paraded out and presented myself to the mirror and my kinswomen. "No," said Grandmere flatly. And she was right.  It was just all wrong. And my Dad was right.  I looked too big on the bottom and too small on the top.  I wanted to love it so much.  Even Mom had to agree, it just paled in comparison to some of the others.  If I chose to live on cucumbers and water for the next several months, then maybe.

Really trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this one was not the dress...Perhaps in the proper size I pondered?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Haiki Monday is Back!

And it's a special addition! On Saturday, I did something girls dream of doing their entire lives. I tried on Wedding dresses!!! Really, it's the part of wedding planning I've been most excited about.  I've watched tons of "Say Yes to the Dress," perused a myriad of magazines and even post-it note color coordinated the pages so my consultant would have firm handle on what I liked and didn't like.  I might of even made her a list labeled, "Dislike" and "Likes."  She definitely liked my list.

I liked ALL the dresses.  I did not buy either of these.  Is the back of the second one not to die for though?

Tomorrow, I'll share one more unanimous "NO" dress that I had originally been confident I would rock at my wedding and the humorous stories leading up to it's ultimate "NO."  

Without further delay, the long forgotten Haiku:

Trying on the wrong
dress, is just as much fun as
finding the right one.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Silent(ish) Sunday Post

A perfect summer Saturday dinner at my parents a few weekends ago.  Maryland at it's best.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

On the topic of what's new...

I could go on a boring rant about my continued struggle with being caffeine-free and my insomnia and food issues based on intense work drama, but I think a more positive post would be to focus on all the fun I've had lately.

While the rules of baseball are foreign to me, (and Nat gets like really irrationally upset when I tell him about how I think that "stealing bases" is just not fair) we ventured to Camden Yards a few weeks ago with our good friends Kurt and Kristi to see the Orioles.  When we were walking in, I started to get really excited like in the movie "Rookie of the Year, " when Thomas Ian Nicholas and his friends enter. Side note: as a thirteen year old girl, Thomas Ian Nicholas was as hot as they come.  I just imdb'd him to see what he is up to these days, as lets just say, he turned just as we knew he would.  See below and your are welcome.
But enough about Thomas Ian Nicholas. I wanted to dress properly and supportively for the worst team in baseball.  I don't see why it's not appropriate to wear 4 inch wedges if they are the proper color.  Right?

At one point, a fly ball (is that the proper lingo?) came straight for us, and froze in terror.  Please don't let this thing hit me in the face, I prayed! Luckily, it bounced off the empty chairs behind us and ricocheted off of Kurt's arm.  There was a mighty scramble and while Kurt didn't end up with the ball, he did have quite the imprint on his arm.  I was pretty jealous and voiced my hope for him that he would have a cool bruise to show everyone the next day, and Nat added that if he was lucky, even the stitches of the ball would appear.  Kurt wasn't as enthused for some reason. 

For years, my Forth of July tradition has been to go tubing in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.  There are a few level three rapids which can get a little intense with a small group and as it turns out, down right dangerous when you decide to tie 15 people together.  We actually had one broken bone and several of us sustained moderate bruises and scrapes but the weather, food, drink and most importantly company were fantastic on this particular trip.  The battle wounds just leave us with lasting memories of the adventure for weeks to come.
As an experienced tuber, not only do I own my own pink life jacket, but even when falling out of said tube, I'm sure not to spill my beverage.

Having some lunch on the rocks.

Most of the group cooling off after lunch.

I'm working hard to get the most out of summer this year.  I spent a wonderful rainy Saturday with good friends at Kristen's Bridal shower.  Today's agenda includes brainstorming and possibly making some curtains for the dining room which dons extremely unfortunate wallpaper that the landlord refuses to part with.  (And further, thinking up ideas to cover said travesty. Any and all ideas are welcome.) Further plans include working on one or both of my writing projects and maybe even making a tasty dinner for my fellow when he arrives home from work.  

Next Saturday.  WHITE dress shopping. OMG!