Monday, June 28, 2010

Night Notes with Katie

As we all know, I've been occupying my time with things other than boozing.  My mind, waistline, and skin thank me. Now before you get all bent out of shape because my last posts were all about cutting back and being sober, yes, Night Notes happened.  It was a pretty typical shenanigan filled Julie kind of night, however, I consumed lightly.

As always, uttering the words "Let's go have ONE drink and come straight home," and meaning it, is going to assure you that the night gets interesting. Katie and I have been having a nightmare of a time at work lately and decided to go have a nice casual beverage.  With early beach calls in the morning, staying out late was not on the agenda.  After I introduced her to my old favorite Harry Browne's, (where I had one glass of wine and she had one vodka bev) we decided to relocate for one more drink and call it a night.

Along the way, a group of fired up fellows leaving rehearsal dinner for a wedding the next day extended an invite for us to have Margaritas with them at El Torro Bravo.  Clearly, I'm happily involved in my relationship, but Katie is single and ready to mingle, so we took them right up on their offer.  It was slightly awkward when one of the El Torro Bravo guys from the whole "Aye Mommy!" incident gave my purse a little tug to say hello and made it very apparent to all that he "knew" me when I ordered my small marg (on the rocks with salt) and our new friends totally called me out.  I quickly turned the attention away from myself by making fun of their frozen margs and bonding with the Dan one because we were drink compatible with our proper ice.  My sole point was to make sure that Katie had a good time and I was fairly confident she was when the Chris one started smelling her hair and she started partaking in the extra long straw in the shared marg episode.

In the event I ever end up drinking with these fellows again, I'll have to be careful, as the "Buffalo" games rules are in effect at all times.  IE., One must always drink with their non-dominant hand and if caught cheating, one must then down their current drink.  So it was a short Night Note and Katie's first but the fella's seemed to be amused by it as well.

Julie: Live Buffalo!
Andrew: You're such a bitch.
Chris: Did you just tuck it in my pocket?

From El Torro Bravo we headed skipped over to Ramshead with Noah.  (For the record, he was the one who invited us and the one who encouraged us to skip.) I'm not sure how it happened, but at some point Katie was presented with an engagement ring fashioned out of a straw, welded securely together by a lighter and the deal was sealed with a gratuitous make-out session an appropriate kiss. (Mu-aah!!)  Something tells me Katie and Noah are not destined to live happily ever after, however the scene was amusing to all.

I participated in a game almost as fun as Buffalo with Dan and the Mormon, (What? That's how he was introduced and referred to by everyone else.  He wished to remain nameless, and who am I to judge? Clearly.) where we picked people out from the crowd and improv'd their possible conversation at our own inappropriate discretion. We were not nice.  Seriously, these guys were a blast and I would totally want to be friends with them in real life if they didn't live in California.

I didn't make it home before last call, but I did consume water and microwave popcorn with Katie and was nice and hangover free for my beach excursion with Mel the next day.


Eva Gallant said...

Good for you! You made me proud! Keep up the good work!

Sarah RDH said...

Sounds like a good time! Way to take one for Katie's (single) team! As long as you're hangover free, that's all that REALLY matters, right???

buffalodick said...

They named a drinking game after me? How appropriate!

Christopher said...

My head started hurting just reading this blog :)

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Ok I cannot wait to play Buffalo this weekend! So weird that I'm commenting after my Uncle.