Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Four Seat Guy

For the third time this year, my alarm clock went off when it was not so bright, but very early during the five a.m. hour.  Previously, it had been for work trips in Sarasota, and play time in NYC with friends.  This time, Cheryl and I were taking the train to Newport News, Virginia where our Grandmother and Aunt would collect us.  My aunt lives in Virginia Beach and we were spending a little time with the family and catching some sun.

Cheryl and I boarded the quiet train at 6:42 a.m. where the other passengers were sprawled asleep across the seats and most of them were hiding under blankets.  It was oddly still.  The first stop was at Union Station in DC where a group of teenagers boarding looked for seats together.  As they passed, one boy said, "I can't believe that guy is taking up four seats." I couldn't imagine how one person could secure four seats, but Cheryl and I looked at each other and merely shrugged.

A while later on my return trip from the bathroom I noticed a man. The first two seats of each train car face backwards and this man was in fact sitting on the aisle seat with his feet on the chair facing him while his bags rested in the window seats.  Not having discussed the matter initially, when I got back to my seat I said to Cheryl, "Dude. That guy is taking up four seats." Off to the bathroom she went and on her return, "That guy owns those seats! He looked at me like, what? these are my four seats."

A while later Cheryl ventured off to the dining cart to grab a coffee. When she returned she informed me that not only were there a plethora of snacks and the coffee was good, but that four seat guy was having a beer.  It was about 10 a.m. at this point, but to each their own.  Around 11 a.m. I decided I needed to stretch my legs so I ventured to the dining cart and what I found was good. Real good.  Four seat guy was splayed across his booth hugging a Blue Moon, red faced and slurring, chatting up the conductors.  I hustled back to Cheryl with a "Guess what?! Four seat guy is WASTED."  Further, four seat guy still had all his things in his original seats and was now taking up a full booth making him...eight seat guy.


buffalodick said...

You are nicer than me..I would have yelled at him to move his ass before I put another crack in it God didn't make..

Eva Gallant said...

Unbelievable how inconsiderate some people can be!

cheryl said...

lol! you know, because we had gotten up so ridiculously early that morning, it never occurred just how early in the day it was that that guys was completely trashed, lol!
good times though!

blunt delivery said...

i. luuuurve. trains.

source for this is unknown.

JennyMac said...