Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Adirondack Saga

(The Non-Night Note post is coming eventually, I promise.)

Now that I'm in my fancy new house fully equipped with a proper porch, I decided chairs of some sort were in order.  I happened upon some very colorful plastic Adirondack chairs on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond last week and decided they simply must be mine.  Never occurring to me how oddly shaped they were, my friend Katie and I headed over after work last Thursday and snagged a lilac purple and a bright blue one each with matching table/ottomans.  We happily marched out to my little Sentra and proceeded for a good twenty minutes to try to shove the chairs in any which way.  They didn't fit in the trunk or the back seat regardless of seat/chair positioning.  Opening windows did not help. Another few inches and we might have been able to get them in the front seat but I surely would not have been able to move the gear shift. Or see.

So off to Katie's equally small Corrola we went.  No such luck.  We tried all the same tricks and invented new ones before venturing back to my car yet again.  It was about 85 degrees outside, I had somewhere important to be and I was dripping with sweat.  I had no choice but to give up.  I sadly walked the walk of shame back into the store where they understandingly allowed me to return them.

The next day, I took Nat's Volvo to work.  His back seat is very spacious.  I couldn't wait to get those chairs home to sip some margaritas on my porch that night.  At lunch, I meandered on over without a care in the world.  The BB&B employees greeted me all,  "Oh, your back! Great."  I happily retrieved my chairs with all the confidence in the world that there would be no problem.  Of course they didn't fit. At one point, they were stuck half in and half out and I was livid.  I did the logical thing.  I called Nat and requested he borrow his Mom's vehicle immediately to come collect the chairs while I sat in them in the parking garage.  He had some lame  excuse about having to get to work or some nonsense and I didn't like it.  I grumpily hung up and told him I'd try some more.  I became increasingly angry the more I failed so I called him up again and said the "F" word a lot and insulted his precious Volvo and even called it useless. He was very understanding promised he would help me secure the Adirondacks the next day. Then I stomped back into the store to return the stupid chairs again.  The employees seemed very sympathetic and then I felt guilty.   I text Nat an apology because I guess it's not his fault about his car being too small.  I guess.

When I returned to the office I was sweaty and chair-less yet again.  Katie told me her Dad said we could borrow his truck after work, but then my boss overheard.  He decided this was silly to drive all over Annapolis switching vehicles around and demanded the two of us go and get the chairs straight away.  I felt a little awkward, but mostly just didn't want to go back into that damn store again so quickly, but he was adamant so for the third time in less than 24 hours I purchased the Adirondack chairs.  The forth and final vehicle was a Lexus SUV and it was a success.

Adirondack chairs and margaritas officially kicked off the three day weekend with an unofficial work happy hour at my place!


Eva Gallant said...

You are nothing if not persistent!

Anonymous said...

HAHA...they just don't make cars as big as they used too :-) I saw those chairs at our BB&B and they are really neat. Since I am old and have creaky knees I prefer the porch rocker....and guess what they didn't fit in my car either