Friday, May 28, 2010

Preview/Tease #2

The non-Night Note story is complete and it seems last nights post peaked interest, but I'm going to have to wait a few more days to post it for various reasons.  I'll leave you with preview, a challenge and a promise for an explanation soon!

Why are Kristen and I climbing into that patch of Ivy. ?

Also, please note that I can do anything in fancy shoes. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coming soon...

A Non-Night Note Confession blog.  Yes, I've been holding out on what could have been a classic Night Note Night, but never was.  I mean, it was...but you'll see....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Make-up Marvel

As a girly girl, I adore make-up. Sometimes, a stroll down the cosmetic aisle in search of the perfect spring day nail polish color to compliment the bright blue dress I'm intending to wear to a wedding leads to the purchasing of other things. Last Friday afternoon, I resisted the temptation of the Rite Aid aerosol "designer" perfume knock-offs. (Though, Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue was pretty close and VERY tempting.) After my purple passion polish purchase-to-be was secured, Maybelline's new gel eyeliner caught my eye.  Eyeliner is one of my best friends. While I enjoy the crisp, extra black line that liquid liner achieves, I rarely use it because I don't have the patience to wait for it to dry before applying mascara. I practically skipped to the check out line and tore into the package upon arrival home. The verdict? All the ease of a liner pencil with the sharp look of liquid.  A must purchase!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The bad habit that's soooo good.

A few years ago I inadvertently gave up coffee. Crazy, I know. Crazier yet, is how much better I felt while off of it. Ok, that is a lie. I've craved it since the day we parted. Not needing it prevent a headache was nice, and then my hair dresser stated that my hair had gotten thicker so that was even better. On the rare occasion I did treat myself to a cup after giving it up, I realized my mind would race and I couldn't concentrate. Life was going on.

Then this move happened. I enjoyed a cup here and a cup there. The cafe at work downstairs. Starbucks downtown was just a 5 minute walk from my house. Karen in the office next door always brews a delicious pot in the a.m. And then, my move was over. In theory, I should stop right? But by now, I'd gotten into a routine of stopping by 7-11's surprisingly tasty coffee bar in the morning. I felt a part of something. There I was with all the others. We'd shake our sugar packets and pour from the plethora of creamer options. Stirring, smelling and sipping until the perfect cup was achieved for our personal tastes. The woman across from me was satisfied with her non-dairy creamer. The man next to me would pick the super size  cup. Everyone has their coffee routine and I was apart of it again!!! And that first sip of the morning? Sweet (but not too sweet) and creamy and comforting. All would be right with the world! INVINCIBLE to the hardships of the day I'd become!

But it can't last. Can it? I wake up in the morning groggy and hating life. For the past two years, I wasn't pleased when the alarm with off, but I'd be fairly alert within 10 minutes or so. Now, on a weekend at home, I physically can not get moving until I visit the barista. The headache creeps in if I wait too long. And I'm parched by the end of the day. Thirsty beyond words. I'm a better person when I'm off the coff. 

I started this week with a half a cup of joe each morning. Today I cut back to only a forth of a cup.  Hopefully, within a week I can be totally de-coffenated with little to minor emotional meltdowns. And DON'T even get me started on decaf. Just don't.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their morning bliss.  

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Since my paper doesn't appear to be writing itself...

...I've had to breakdown and start writing it on my own.  I'd like to post a hilarious-style story in reference to the insanity that has been the past 3 weeks, but I can't just yet. The good news is that we are all moved into the new house and my "renovations" (IE painting) have been completed. And not a moment too soon! Clearly, since the old slumlord wasn't concerned with the rowdy squirrels in the wall or repairing the air-conditioning, you can only imagine that they weren't concerned with the dead squirrel in the wall. We officially moved out on the day Maryland got warm again. That's the same day the rotting rodent smell starting wafting through the front of the house.

On that note, I could still post a rambling sentimental blog about second guessing my decision to leave the downtown area, (by less than a mile mind you) and talk about how Nat and I shared our first kiss, first... you know, and proposal in that house and how I officially said goodbye to it today, but I won't. (Now anyway.)

Instead, I'm going to get back to writing by paper while listening to the sweet koi fish pond and croaking frogs from the backyard next door while in my new "office."

Stay tuned to hear about about our movers openly trying to take a "chronic" break in the middle of moving our stuff based on my Bob Marley calendar and Nat's electronic cigarette which they mistook as a "one-hitter." Actually, that may have been the whole story so never mind. (Maybe.)