Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the move

Nobody and I mean, nobody wants to read a post about why I haven't posted in forevers. But you know what people will love until the end of time? A good before and after picture! 

Nat and I are moving in 6 days (OMG!) and have taken on the task of repainting the house. 

Before (OMG. I die.)



Debating if I accomplished a Wet Sand Bliss, or achieved a Chocolate Milk Miss? I think I'm going to love it.

During - Cabinets in progress with my awesome friend Kristi! 

Brightening things up from drab to fab!

In the past few weeks while moonlighting as an interior decorator, I've learned I'm pretty awesome. This should totally be my next career path.  Clearly. Just don't ask Kristi or she might tell you how I almost ended up with an unfortunately purple room had I been left to my own devices. Actually, maybe she should be the designer come to think of it. 


Sarah RDH said...

I love before & after pics! Most some more as you keep going along!

turtlebottom said...

The room looks lovely!!! More Chocolate Milk Miss I think.

Eva Gallant said...

Looking forward to more before and after pics!

Christopher said...

Unsafe step ladder use. I might have to report you to the interior decorator police.

I know you are thinking I made that up but they exist be afraid, be very afraid.

Cheryl said...

go you!
and yes, i think most people do love a good "before and after" :)
great work so far!

Jeff said...

The ultimate before and after pics are when you find out that a house you formerly owned goes up for sale again and you look at pictures on the internet and it is the same as you left it(4 years later) that is true decorating acceptance :-)

Barefoot Dreamer said...

who doesnt love a before and after -I know I do!

Stephanie Faris said...

Great job!!! You should be an interior decorator...although I'm not sure how many good-paying jobs are in it. IMHO you're very creative...whatever you do should be in a creative field.

ANNiE said...

Looks awesome! Good luck on the move! Which probably already