Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Conversations

In the sober version of "Night Notes on Napkins," I retold the events leading up to a failed Buddhist/Meditation night on Monday. Since the response was good, I'll share a gem from each my Mom and Dad this past weekend.

The Setting: Parents house. In the country. Like real county. There are actual amish people in this small section of Maryland. 

Julie: Whoah! My new cell just received an email down here! My computer can't even pic up a wireless signal. How is this possible?
Mom: (Very confident, and very matter of fact) Well, Julie. There is a cell tower right down the road. Clearly, it's picking up that signal.

My dear, sweet, innocent Mother purchased her first personal cell phone less than a month ago and just learned to text. (Sort of) For years she didn't use her email address book, but typed in the address from a handwritten list but yet, she knows this?

The Setting: Melissa picking me up at my parents house to head home later that night.

Julie: Dad, did you see Mels sweet new Volvo?
Dad: Yeah! Mel, is this the same car from in Twilight?

(In my Dads defense, I totally made him watch it right after it came out on video under the pretense that he would enjoy the fast car scenes. )


Anonymous said...

Cell phones can get more signals than wifi sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Little-known fact: Amish people conduct 3G.

Eva Gallant said...

Kudos to your mother! I don't even kinda' text!

Sarah RDH said...

In my experience, mothers over 45 who text are annoying. My mother-in-law sends me the most random crap that makes no sense whatsoever. Once, I asked her how much something cost and her reply was this: 4556434677543345674492873649292. And I texted back "What the hell are all those numbers?" She texted back "Oh I got a little finger happy. $54 is what I meant to put." WHAT????? REALLY????? IT'S THAT COMPLICATED TO TYPE A DOLLAR SIGN & 2 NUMBERS????

Anonymous said...

My mom finally learned how to text! I was so happy for her.

That comment above mine is hilarious!

buffalodick said...

I discuss the changes over my life time in communications at the drop of a hat! When I met my wife, her family had a party line- with three other families on it! My first car phone was hard wired to the battery, and had a cord.. I watched the FAX machine come and go..I watched the typewriter go from manual to electric, to obsolete...Our first computer had 64K..etc.

Cheryl said...

lol, i love it when they are surprisingly not clueless!