Saturday, January 2, 2010

Night Notes on New Years

This week started out with a total Julie meltdown. Nobody wants to hear about that, but ultimately,  I was thinking inviting people to my house for New Years would help with the dying down of the holidays so I all emailed my friends to come to my place for a New Years Party. Then I went home and stared into space for three days straight before sending another email telling my friends due to "unforeseen circumstances" the party would be cancelled. Then about 12 hours after that I decided to (sort of) have the party anyway. In any event, a crazy night it was. We had like five bottles of champagne at my house, went to the bar around 11ish and within no time it was midnight. Did anyone else feel like this New Years flew by? According to my notes, a lot actually happened. 

New Years Eve

Mere: You guys are juvenile with those jello shots.

Ben: Jean, what did you put in these jello shots?
Julie: Alcohol.

Mere: I'm uncutting myself off. 

Jean: It's hard to get kissed if you're not a blonde.

Ben: Annapolis Benedict going down.

Reminder Notes: Mel and Julie to St. Michael's
-email Bob about a room without Em

Julie: We're going to need some bullets (points) for this vacation.

Mel: Let's eat everything we see. 

Anonymous: I love New Years and lovely people.

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Stephanie Faris said...

Yes, it did seem to fly by...but it looks like you had a lot of fun!