Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haiku whenever I feel like it. Gosh!

Smiled as she found the
note she was looking for. Then
coffee soothed her mind.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

julie goes to Zumba...and does the Stanky Leg?

As discussed last week, I accidentally joined a second gym. Then I wasn't quite able to get out of my first gym membership. (Yet, that is!) Not being one to let the situation get me down, I made the most of it and headed off to the new dance work-out craze that's sweeping the nation. (That's what the plasma television in the locker room of the shiny new gym told me anyway.)

I arrived precisely a minute before the class started which did not leave me ample time to assess my new dance buddies. I felt a tad self conscious, this only being my second appearance at my new gym and of course I want to make a good impression. Not really knowing what to expect, I was surprised when I discovered it was all Latin music and moves. I can totally cha-cha and mambo and...stuff. Then I realized I was the youngest person, so I had to have an advantage. Suddenly the music started and when we were instructed to circle our hips around in a very suggestive fashion I didn't feel so smug. Those grannies knew what was up (and it wasn't me.) Well this is just silly, I thought. I mean Nat and I took an extensive Tango course, class,  quick lesson after a wine tasting one time. I can do this! The ladies were smiling and laughing and having a good old time so I loosened up myself and don't you know just when I did they pulled this merengue move straight out of Dirty Dancing and I just started pretending Johnny was next to me and really got into it. I even smiled. (Gasp!) Then the most shocking thing of all happened. We were instructed to do the "Stanky Leg!" I didn't even know that song was latin! I totally started gettin' it. And then I just closed my eyes and began doin the booty do like nobody business. I have a lot of experience with the Stanky Leg from this one time April and Mel and I were in a basement type beer pong classy club in Savannah, Georgia so I didn't even need to make sure I was doing it correctly. (For the record we also have vast knowledge on how to do the Laffy Taffy dance but that is a story for another day.) Anyway, I did eventually open my eyes to see if everyone was impressed with my skills. To my dismay they were all gracefully, sliding back and forth doing something that looked nothing like my butt bumping and air grinding. I cursed my shiny new gyms plethora of mirrors and tried to get back into the swing of things. Then I slowed my roll and decided to listen a little more closely.

In conclusion, I'd like to give a shout out to one of my favorite blogs.  Martinis or Diaper Genies
MODG is in your face funny. I got to work this morning and promptly began reading all my fav blogs and imagine what I thought when I discovered that MODG had written about the exact topic I had been planning on discussing. If you know MODG you know I'm thinking "Uh, oh. She might totally blograte (berate blogstyle? I don't know) me for this, but whatevs because our experiences were pretty different so she'll prob just leave a snarky comment about my faux pas."

In extra conclusion, if you don't know what the stanky leg is, youtube it IMMEDIATELY. There are plenty of instructional videos for viewing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Two gym memberships and...well that's story enough for now

I should have known better. Everyone I know who has gone to get a little tour of the new 24 Hour Fitness has joined on the spot. My boss even did it this week. I walked in all smug, sure of myself and prepared to just get my 7 day free pass and hang out while I cooled down from being pissed off at my current gym. Things started out smoothly. I was playing it cool. Real cool. I didn't oooooh and ahhhh at the super comfy bicycle seats in the spin room. I only casually waved to the instructor I knew in the group fitness room. Didn't bat an eyelash at the plethora of cardio machines each equipped with personal tv's and ipod chargers available for optimal calorie burning. It wasn't until "Carter" practically demanded I test out the temperature of the pool that my unimpressed facade started to falter. When I was smacked in the face with an extra steamy steam room, all the shiny, glitz and glamour of the facility came crashing on me at once and I couldn't contain my excitement any longer. Before I knew it, I was signing papers and double checking when Zumba class was. I swear I'm very responsible when it comes to money. Really I am but I was only 5'9 yesterday and that Carter guy was like 10 feet tall and I felt all vulnerable and small and ... well it wasn't until I was back in my car that an uneasy feeling appeared in my stomach and it became hard to swallow and I got a little nervous about the fact that I already have a gym membership. Oops. And a yoga membership. And that other yoga studio I've started to frequent. Double/Triple ooops. Um, if you need me, I'll be at some sort of body sculpting facility this weekend....

P.S. Now accepting advice on how to secure a fail proof plan to get out of my current membership without paying. I have a laundry list of ways they've wronged me and the chick in charge is not around until Sunday between 7am and 12pm.

in this life, there are nothing but possibilities

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Night Notes On "I had a Secret Weekend"

I can't explain why sometimes it's nessasary to name a weekend or a vacation and refer to it by said name forever thereafter but it's does happen. "I had a Secret Weekend," was one filled with yoga, manicures, lunching, shopping, wine and tea. Lots of tea.

01/16/2010 The Lounge

Kristen: I bedazzled the shit out of it.

Kristen and Julie: All that fun brought self destruction

Kristen:  No. That's yours'es.
Secret: I like it when Kristen messes up her english.

And there you have it. Two perfect weekends in a row.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiku Monday

"I had a secret
weekend," is what we called it
and it was divine.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baltimore and DC weekend

My comfort zone is small. Everything I need to do is in a three mile radius of my house so you might be surprised to hear I traveled out of it this weekend. Twice. And I liked it.

Cheryl and I spent a fabulous time in Hampden on Saturday. Her bedroom is this calming pale green shade with plenty of things to look at and touch including but not limited to paintings and plants and hula hoops and hookahs. Ok, there weren't really hookahs but there could have been. We braved the cold and walked up to The Avenue to enjoy a wine tasting and shopping. I even ran into my friend Kurt who was very confused to see me outside of Annapolis. Sista and I then lunched on Mexican with Jon and Wes and you know I had a little margarita because I was told they were extra good at Holy Frijoles. We lounged out on her bed for hours afterwards chatting about sister things and doing crafts. This fellow was there too.

Sunday Nat and I went to his Sommelier Graduation dinner. I let him get away with only a brief discussion of my fear and loathing, but mostly just loathing of DC's metro because it was after all his day. I got to meet all his friends and of course enjoy wine way beyond my realm of appreciation. I mostly just knew that is was way better than what I pick out for my own weekend (midweek?) consumption. You can comment on how adorable we 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Haiku Monday

Yoga and sushi,
Time in three cities, I feel
so cultured and full.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

Really, can anybody ever in life consume a milkshake again without saying that? I know I can't. And I know what you're thinking. Night Notes on Napkins Girl. Why are you in your mega comfy and warm pajamas on a Friday night, readying chick lit and consuming empty calories? You're supposed to be consuming obnoxious quantities of alcoholic calories and scribbling down everything your drunk friends say.

Well I've got news for you. I do other things occasionally.  I spent a good hour at work today checking the yoga schedules of all the studios in Annapolis in search of a new class. Candle Lit yoga at 5:30 in West Annap won. Mel and zen'd out for reals and it occurred to me that all that Hot Yoga crap I'd been doing for the last year is totally not calming. For a second I decided to never go to Hot Yoga again because often times my main class goal is simply to "not die", but then I remembered I burn like a thousand million calories doing that and only burned about two and a half at this Candle stuff so I guess sometimes I'll still do the Hot Stuff.

Then we went to Joss because everybody knows it's the only place to get sushi in this town. We were being so good and healthy and I even ordered green tea instead of wine, which is not to say that I think wine is unhealthy, because I surely am an advocate of "wine for health," but sometimes its' good to know. Whatever.  Everything was going so smoothly and we were talking 2010 goals and being warm and creative and all things inspirational. Suddenly, Mel said, "I want a milkshake." And I was like, "So do I." After we stood to put on our coats, gloves, hats and scarfs and we walked across the street with no delay in the twenty five degree weather for our frosty delights. Peanut butter obviously because at least you can pretend it's energizing protein.

I arrived home about 8:15pm satisfied with my chill factor. On all levels.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Haiku Monday...on Tuesday.

Sipping Champagne road-
soda style is so classy
in a paper cup.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cold inside and out

I had big plans for yesterday. I was all about some gym action, writing action and hitting up JoAnne Fabrics for supplies and tending to my new craft book from my sister.  Unfortunately, my body had other ideas. It felt that sneezing non-stop for 12 hours straight sounded like a better idea. I thought I'd show it who was boss with Benadryl. It retaliated by knocking me unconscious. When I woke up, this scenario was immediately repeated. I'd planned to go to Yoga this morning, but it seems like today will be a repeat of yesterday which is absolutely heart breaking. A perfectly good long weekend blown. (Pun intended.)

In between sneezes, I did manage to finish Julie Powell's newest memoir.  Let's just say I am NOT pleased.  Not with her or the book. She decides to learn butchery while butchering her marriage and then tries to make us forgive her by simile-ing up a book. All is not forgiven Julie Powell! Wash your hair, put on your stilettos, (you live in NYC for god's sake), stop trying to be all Eat, Pray, Love on us and act right towards your husband!!!

This cold might be making me grouchy and bitter. 2010 is not starting as planned. I think I had some sort of  New Years Resolutions about bringing back dark lipstick and doing more than just reading my Rachel Rae magazine but I can't be too sure right now.  Assuming I don't have a temperature, it's a fact that my body is at least 91 degrees warmer than the outside temperature and that's just wrong.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Night Notes on New Years

This week started out with a total Julie meltdown. Nobody wants to hear about that, but ultimately,  I was thinking inviting people to my house for New Years would help with the dying down of the holidays so I all emailed my friends to come to my place for a New Years Party. Then I went home and stared into space for three days straight before sending another email telling my friends due to "unforeseen circumstances" the party would be cancelled. Then about 12 hours after that I decided to (sort of) have the party anyway. In any event, a crazy night it was. We had like five bottles of champagne at my house, went to the bar around 11ish and within no time it was midnight. Did anyone else feel like this New Years flew by? According to my notes, a lot actually happened. 

New Years Eve

Mere: You guys are juvenile with those jello shots.

Ben: Jean, what did you put in these jello shots?
Julie: Alcohol.

Mere: I'm uncutting myself off. 

Jean: It's hard to get kissed if you're not a blonde.

Ben: Annapolis Benedict going down.

Reminder Notes: Mel and Julie to St. Michael's
-email Bob about a room without Em

Julie: We're going to need some bullets (points) for this vacation.

Mel: Let's eat everything we see. 

Anonymous: I love New Years and lovely people.