Saturday, December 5, 2009

Karma police, Please don't find me today...

The first text I sent this morning was to April at 8:20 a.m. and it said, "On my way to Zumba with a squirrel in my trunk for drop off.  Seriously, who does that?"

I'll back up. First of all. I'm a horrible person. When I got home last night, my eyes were still dilated and driving was a little tricky. I suspected we may have captured another pesky squirrel but rather than check the trap...well I didn't so I wouldn't have to deal with the little rascal. I woke from a traumatic dream (which I'll disclose in a later post) around 5 a.m. and confessed to Nat who was playing a video game. He checked and confirmed my suspicion, stating we definitely had secured a now very unhappy critter.  Since I knew I was checking out Zumba at the gym this morning, we figured at this point, the squirrel could wait a few more hours and just go with me then. His tail was all pitiful and matted when it was time to go. I felt a little sheepish when my neighbor was walking past my house with his sweet chocolate lab. I stopped for a little chat and felt the need to confess to him what I was up to while Nat loaded the squirrel into my trunk.  I'm pretty sure neighbor guy thinks I'm crazy and doesn't want me petting his dog anymore.

So off the the gym we go and the squirrel is now running free after a rough night.  Turns out Zumba started earlier than I thought, but I got a killer work out in anyway. I've never considered myself a morning person thought I think actually kind of might be now that I'm not a caffeine addict. I was on fire! Totally in the workout zone.  Plus, the few people who were there all had puffy-I-just-woke-up faces similar to mine, so I felt better about myself and less like an impostor.

Next, I went to my favorite name brand discount store since it was only 9:30 to see if I could buy stuff for myself look for Christmas gifts. And do you know what happened? I was looking at the Kathy Van Zeeland bags. They are always on sale and I've always wanted one but never splurged.  The ones missing the oh so coveted charm are a strict $10 dollars cheaper than the ones with it still attached. And you know those gems are secured to avoid swapping.  Today I found a purse I loved. Without the charm. The price was right.  I looked at every other bag. And there was one with an unsecured charm.  I made that swap.  That's right. I did it and so would anyone of you!!! I continued on with my shopping (failed attempt at finding blue stilettos) but was paranoid.  What if they were watching the tapes? What if they saw? Would they tap me on my shoulder and say, "Excuse me Miss?" That would be horrific! How would I explain? What would happen to me? People would call me Winona. I tried to remain calm but at one point during my shopping, an employee was called to "the office." Certain they were conducting a meeting about ME I almost dropped my soon to be purchases and fled. In the end, I checked out with bated confidence. The cashier was sugar sweet. I'll be carrying my new purse tonight (pen stashed inside), and ready for some Night Notes.

Until then, it's (sort of) snowing in Annapolis and I'm having a peacefully lazy afternoon snuggling with Nat and staying warm. (Due in part to the fact that there's no longer a noisy rodent banging around in our wall)


Eva Gallant said...

The purse police are looking for you, Missy!

And that squirrel is trying to find his way home!

Ams said...

Hahaha I love that story...
The whole entire story. I love it!
Better watch out for the purse police tonight my friend ;) Sleep with one half-dilated eye open! lol
Happy Night-noting lovely lady!