Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Define Cleavage

Kristen: This bar is totally the new HB's.
Julie: Yeah. HB's is so last year anyway.
Kristen: Let's take pictures like old times.
Julie: OK!!! I'm going to make my seductive face.
Kristen: Really? I don't think that's your seductive face. You're trying to make a face more like mine.
Julie: YEAH! I am making that face.
Kristen: Ok, why don't you open your eyes just a little wider.
Julie: Sshhh. I'm concentrating. Are you ready?

Kristen: I can see the pattern on your bra.
Julie: Woooow. That lasik eye surgery did work really well. I can't believe you can see right though my shirt.
Kristen: (Sigh) Let's just do the cleavage shot now.
Julie: I don't think I have that.
Kristen: Sure you do. Just lean over really far....and don't forget to smile.
Julie: Dude. I've totally got this all on lock down.
Kristen: Are you smiling?
Julie: Yup!
Julie: Let's do the crab pose next.
Kristen: Um, let's not take anymore photos tonight after all.
Julie: Whatever. Have you seen my wine glass?


Eva Gallant said...

You guys are too cute!

Mr. Condescending said...

I love how the word cleavage just rolls off the tongue. I can say it without really having to move my lips.

Same as "tits."

Christopher said...

Digital cameras were a great invention!

Ams said...

Haha I love it!
Nothing wrong with a little cleavage ;)

The Peach Tart said...

You ladies are looking fine.

buffalodick said...

Cleavage is good..That's why I like to look at short women, and dance with tall ones..(he leered..)..

Dan said...

Was it at this point that you both started to soap each other down?


Wrong website obviously.

*Checks Google for Swedish Foam Chicks Go Wild*

Kristen said...

I love the commentary! ha ha ha ha ha.

Matthew said...

Thanks for stopping by.... and credit for finding the sun when it's been so shaded of late around my place.

Don't be a stranger. :)

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

I'm totally seduced. and by seduced I mean, ...not.

apey528 said...

Hilarious! Don't be talking smack about HB's though. We have to remember it kindly. Where were you? The lounge? So jeal! What were you wearing???

jules said...

Amanda, HA HA HA HA HA.

Apey, Yup. Def at The Lounge. I would never diss HB's unless it was for something seriously important. Obv. As for what I was wearing? Something fabulous!

Anonymous said...
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