Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Night Notes...

I met up with Kristen and Jud at The Lounge for a few glasses of wine. We started by exchanging Rat/Squirrel (http://pancakesaspillows)  stories because residing in ancient homes just to live within walking distance to bars is totally glamourous. Here's my latest squirrel. She now lives in Eastport. I hope she likes it because she let me know she was pissed about being captured by growling ferociously.

I didn't plan on being a Note Taker but when Jud started talking about combating rats while naked, I mean things had to be documented.  I vaguely remember a ridiculous photo session taking place so I'll try to post one later.

The Lounge  11/27/09

Jud: I'm gonna kill somebody with my d!@$.

Julie: You did not "Roger" him.


Julie & Kristen: OBVIOUSLY

Kristen: I'm so not ready to go to bed yet.
Julie: I would never want to do that.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!


Eva Gallant said...

Your posts are confusing and funny!

Betty said...

Jules love that.!
Thanks for passing by and commenting.

Dan said...

He had a fight with a squirrel whilst naked? Did I read that right? That’s dangerous.

And the squirrel in the cage? I'm confused. In fact your whole post has confused me?

Everything is spinning now.

I Wonder Wye said...

We caught the same Norweigan wood mouse in our attic three damn times in a have-a-heart trap...we know 'cause of the weird chewed up ear it had. The second time Excy took it far across the horse pasture so we were so surprised to catch him/her again. The third time the little critter got a LONG trip in the country.....that's been almost a year so it worked that time....