Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Night Notes...

It wasn't a crazy night of notes. Fortunately, Annapolis enjoyed an almost balmy Halloween evening. It rained off and on but we were lucky enough to be walking to Fado and back in between showers.

Halloween 2009

Jud: Dead bodies in an open grave.

Anonymous: Gonna be some Jud man-toe in that pic.

Chris: Sly Cox

Anonymous: You know I can't resist a good chin strap.

Mel: They smell like edible underwear.

And now, just a couple of highlights.

Janet, Jack Tripper and Chrissi                                              

Walter and Dirty Tess



looks like some good times! <3

Eva Gallant said...

You totally naiked Three's Company!

Eva Gallant said...

whoops! nailed!

Ams said...

Gotta love Halloween... it needs to be more than once a year I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Great costumes!