Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Funday

Nat had to work last night but he made lasagna during the day for Mel, April and me to have for dinner. We almost started a Night Note after one of us said to another, "You're pissed off that she's not pissed off." I mean, nothing could top that telling gem so we stopped there. Normally when April's in town we go to all sorts of places but mostly Harry Browne's and drink lots of martinis and end up catching rides home to my house from random people we may or may not know...very well. Harry Browne's isn't really the place to be anymore, not to mention it was way too rainy and windy to walk anywhere so we went to bed at a reasonable hour and woke up refreshed and ready to polka dance with my Grandmother in the morning. You read me right. Polka.

Let's put it this way. My Grandmother is awesome. She leads a class of 80 somethings to polka and line dances. I've been really down about aging lately. I work with the elderly and at least once a day one will tell me to "never get old." They are not kidding. It's tragically depressing and absolutely terrifying. An extreme scenario took place just this week after an 89 year old woman told me she hoped she'd die and didn't know why she was forced to live so long.

Today, all those things were a distant memory. The crew in my Grandmothers class were absolutely amazing. Helen had tons of shiny, gold, piercings in her ears. They were so pretty and I thought they might be some sort of religious custom but when I asked her she told me it was her acupuncture. I was thrilled to hear she was open to such treatment for her wrist pain and want to partake in my own acupuncture immediately! She also frequently travels and told me stories of the Philippines. Dan was a charming 88 year old with bright blue eyes, and snow white hair. He was a little unsteady on his feet but held onto us tight while leading us in the two step and said not to worry if we made mistakes. We hugged him when it was time to leave. Steve played the harmonica and Anna traded stories of Florida with April. My Grandmother played a few extra numbers with the "charleston" in them just for me, slipped in the Electric Slide and kept everyone in line. Pun intended. I broke a sweat. It was so refreshing to see everyone so happy and full of spunk and wit.

Afterwards, we headed even farther south. All the way to the tea room in LaPlata, Maryland where we indulged in Cream of Crab soup, chicken salad with grapes on croissants, scones, and of course tea. (Um, yeah, I'll be doing a serious workout tomorrow) We discussed our new friends, and next vacations.
Does life get any better?

Several friends have had babies lately and I've taken to making them personalized blankets. My friend Manda is having a surprise gender baby next month and when I got home this evening I sewed her blanket. The gender neutral aspect was fun because I could pick anything I wanted but I did stick to pastels and initials.

Thought of the day: Make new friends and stay busy and active to keep life fun from beginning to end.


Eva Gallant said...

Sounds like you had a fun time!

Jennah said...

I just saw April (at Anita's house) and she totally told us about polka. Hilarious!

Christopher said...

Polka Polka Polka! I want to be cool when I am 89

buffalodick said...

I worked at a rest home in high school and college... I learned a lot of great stuff from some of the residents..I also watched a lot of them leave feet first. I have given my sons instructions- when Dad has more food on him than in him, take me hunting, and don't bring me back!

Stephanie Faris said...

Word of warning: When your friends start having babies, that urge slowly begins to kick in! Of course, you are still living WAY too exciting a life...we're enjoying living vicariously through you!

Passion Fruit said...

I've had experience with both vital and depressed elderly. I myself plan to be among the first ones.

And the blanket is just lovely! My friends keep having babies and getting married, too. I think it's the curse of the twenties and thirties. And extremely contagious.

Cheryl said...

Lol, "surprise gender baby"! That used to just be called "having a baby". So funny. The blanket is definitely cool! Glad you guys had so much fun on Friday :)

Dan. said...

That’s a great story there Jules. I can imagine that working amongst the elderly must be hard sometimes, but when they are feeling good, then it’s clear that others will as well.

And I echo the others.

Feeling broody yet?


this makes me miss my grandmas

thanks for visiting over at the crib

Chrissi said...

Growing Old beats the alternative...dying young.