Monday, November 30, 2009

Haiku Monday

Weekend of Turkeys
And now I find myself back
at a real desk job.

Leave me your 5,7,5 syllable lines!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Night Notes...

I met up with Kristen and Jud at The Lounge for a few glasses of wine. We started by exchanging Rat/Squirrel (http://pancakesaspillows)  stories because residing in ancient homes just to live within walking distance to bars is totally glamourous. Here's my latest squirrel. She now lives in Eastport. I hope she likes it because she let me know she was pissed about being captured by growling ferociously.

I didn't plan on being a Note Taker but when Jud started talking about combating rats while naked, I mean things had to be documented.  I vaguely remember a ridiculous photo session taking place so I'll try to post one later.

The Lounge  11/27/09

Jud: I'm gonna kill somebody with my d!@$.

Julie: You did not "Roger" him.


Julie & Kristen: OBVIOUSLY

Kristen: I'm so not ready to go to bed yet.
Julie: I would never want to do that.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fridays without Night Notes

Friday night I sat down to work on my paper at 8:30. At this precise time, all of my friends proceeded to call and text me to initiate proper Friday evening activities. Around 10:45 I decided they were correct. I put on some serious makeup, my new skinny jeans, some killer red heels and headed out the door. 

I think Nat would prefer if I didn't make myself a regular at his new bar, but I really wanted Newman to see how fantastic it was so I suggested he meet me there. Plus, our friend Chris was already saddled up anyway, so how could I really be held responsible? Random mirrors, paintings, and sconces adorn the dark blue colored walls. The lights are dim and there's always jazz. Of course we could hear Lady Gaga blasting from the bar downstairs, but we blocked that out while sitting back on the full sized leather couch while sipping a nice glass of red. 

A low key evening it was. We eventually needed a change of pace and headed downstairs to Stan and Joe's for some cocktails and people watching. The night ended with Newman, Urn and me back at Ian's, (as evening's often do) ordering late night pizza and drinking beers. Only this time, we lit some long stemmed candles and called ourselves classy. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Haiku Monday

Candlelit pizza
at three a.m. Miller lite.
Everthing's alright

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sundays, Wine and Friends. Life at it's best.

What do I love better than an afternoon of wine, cheese and friends and my new camera at the park on my street? Not a whole lot.

But when old friends meet new friends to join us for dinner back at the house? The night is officially perfect.

Especially when we start reminiscing and doing the "Stanky Leg."

And when people start fighting over cabbage? Well, let's just say everyone's been served the ideal amount of wine.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Haiku ...Tuesday

Where's Haiku Monday?
Who knows, but Happy Hour
did happen for sure.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Funday

Nat had to work last night but he made lasagna during the day for Mel, April and me to have for dinner. We almost started a Night Note after one of us said to another, "You're pissed off that she's not pissed off." I mean, nothing could top that telling gem so we stopped there. Normally when April's in town we go to all sorts of places but mostly Harry Browne's and drink lots of martinis and end up catching rides home to my house from random people we may or may not know...very well. Harry Browne's isn't really the place to be anymore, not to mention it was way too rainy and windy to walk anywhere so we went to bed at a reasonable hour and woke up refreshed and ready to polka dance with my Grandmother in the morning. You read me right. Polka.

Let's put it this way. My Grandmother is awesome. She leads a class of 80 somethings to polka and line dances. I've been really down about aging lately. I work with the elderly and at least once a day one will tell me to "never get old." They are not kidding. It's tragically depressing and absolutely terrifying. An extreme scenario took place just this week after an 89 year old woman told me she hoped she'd die and didn't know why she was forced to live so long.

Today, all those things were a distant memory. The crew in my Grandmothers class were absolutely amazing. Helen had tons of shiny, gold, piercings in her ears. They were so pretty and I thought they might be some sort of religious custom but when I asked her she told me it was her acupuncture. I was thrilled to hear she was open to such treatment for her wrist pain and want to partake in my own acupuncture immediately! She also frequently travels and told me stories of the Philippines. Dan was a charming 88 year old with bright blue eyes, and snow white hair. He was a little unsteady on his feet but held onto us tight while leading us in the two step and said not to worry if we made mistakes. We hugged him when it was time to leave. Steve played the harmonica and Anna traded stories of Florida with April. My Grandmother played a few extra numbers with the "charleston" in them just for me, slipped in the Electric Slide and kept everyone in line. Pun intended. I broke a sweat. It was so refreshing to see everyone so happy and full of spunk and wit.

Afterwards, we headed even farther south. All the way to the tea room in LaPlata, Maryland where we indulged in Cream of Crab soup, chicken salad with grapes on croissants, scones, and of course tea. (Um, yeah, I'll be doing a serious workout tomorrow) We discussed our new friends, and next vacations.
Does life get any better?

Several friends have had babies lately and I've taken to making them personalized blankets. My friend Manda is having a surprise gender baby next month and when I got home this evening I sewed her blanket. The gender neutral aspect was fun because I could pick anything I wanted but I did stick to pastels and initials.

Thought of the day: Make new friends and stay busy and active to keep life fun from beginning to end.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Night Notes on the Marine Birthday

I love November 10th. It's the official celebration date for the founding of the Marine Corps. My best friend is married to a marine who not only is awesome, but also has awesome friends. So awesome, they travel from various parts of the county to Annapolis, Maryland every year to celebrate the Marine Birthday at McGarvey's. I feel lucky to know these amazing men and be able to be a part of something so significant. Previous years have led to us losing Mel in a pizza mission, my blowing a flaming sambuca shot all over our respective table and well....this.

As you can see, these nights can get a little crazy. There were only a few Night Notes this year because Nat and I were off to our former roommates birthday bash but here goes.

Marine Corp Birthday at McGarvey's 2009

Julie: I'd be willing to dry my feet for that.
Mel: That shit's crazy.
Jean: Miracle grow. Water it down. Any good botanist knows that.

(Incidentally, my comment had something to do with Jeremy stating one of his pet peeves was when people don't dry off in the shower before stepping onto the bath mat therefore leaving sopping wet footprints.)

I won't talk about consuming vodka after tequila, bonding with new people over intense games of ping pong, beer spilled on the shuffle board table or getting called out on frequenting O'Briens all too often in my early twenties by former bartenders.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Haiku Monday

Shopping. Shoes and Shirts.
Margaritas. Hours slept?
Twelve. Dog Whisperer.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Going Smokeless

It was after 3 a.m. when I felt a tap on my shoulder last night. I heard voice of Chelsea Handler before I opened my eyes, but suspected she was probably not in my living room. After opening one eye I saw the blurry outline of Nat standing above me. Without my contact lenses I could just barely make out a small red light shining near his face and the sound of an inhale.

"You can't smell me!" he said proudly. With that, he leaned down and gave me a ...serious-style kiss.

While I'm not one to turn down kisses from Nat ever, Monday night, I purchased him the Smokeless Cigarette. Even though he had happily inhaled nicotine mere seconds before our kiss, I tasted nothing. We're four days going smokeless and so far so good. I won't mention the amusing bubbly sound it makes when he inhales the nicotine vapor.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Night Notes...

It wasn't a crazy night of notes. Fortunately, Annapolis enjoyed an almost balmy Halloween evening. It rained off and on but we were lucky enough to be walking to Fado and back in between showers.

Halloween 2009

Jud: Dead bodies in an open grave.

Anonymous: Gonna be some Jud man-toe in that pic.

Chris: Sly Cox

Anonymous: You know I can't resist a good chin strap.

Mel: They smell like edible underwear.

And now, just a couple of highlights.

Janet, Jack Tripper and Chrissi                                              

Walter and Dirty Tess

Monday, November 2, 2009

Haiku Monday

Balmy Halloween.
Wigs, munchies and alcohol.
Shopping with my boy.

(Sorry. I know it's late)