Thursday, October 29, 2009

Night Notes on Wednesdays....

Ooops. Who do I think I am? What year is this? Out until last call on a Wednesday night? Good grief. I had special permission to check out Nat's new bar last night. We didn't take such an opportunity lightly.

The Lounge   10/28/2009

Kristen: We're a three person costume.

Julie: Lava's got nothin' on couch cushions.

Julie/Kristen/Jud: It was all downhill after the big trash can.

Julie: I forgot about the crack incident!

Jud: Slow walker and Jumex weren't going to help her.

Matt: It's that little bit on the tip that wags a bit.

Jud: Swing his d*#&. Write it on the napkin bitch!!

Jeff: Who doesn't dance under the right circumstance?

(After 2am)

Julie: Standing on street corners.....................

So that's that. We truly planned on a low key evening, but then we were accosted by a criminal defense lawyer and his acquitted architect friend who's opening lines were, "Let me introduce you to the owner Stan."  We really didn't need any introductions since I'm sleeping with live with the  resident sommelier and furthermore we already know all the important people we make our own introductions.  They tried to roofie and paint nude portraits of us but we weren't having it obviously. We began to tire of them after this transaction.

Acquitted Architect: Oh, you're in school. What are you? In 11th grade?
Julie: (rolls eyes) Why yes. I'm 17 years old.
Acquitted Architect: Well come here!!!!
Kristen: Now we know what he was acquitted for.

Around this time, my friend Matt from England appeared, rescued us from the sleaze, grabbed a table and happily obliged our british translation demands, which fortunately for me, he never tires of. Before long Jud showed up, and shortly after that my friend Chris, then our Tsunami friends and suddenly it was 2 o'clock in the morning, Kristen was talking wedding photography to our new friend Mike and I was having a deep philosophical(ish) conversation with a girl named Courtney while wondering what happened to our one glass of wine and realizing I'd be lucky if I made it home in time for the second showing of Chelsea Lately. Which I did. Bonus.

Next up... Come and knock on my door for some Halloween Night Notes. I'll be waiting for you.


Eva Gallant said...

You wild, wild woman, you! Ah--I remember those youthful days. Now if I'm up at 2:00 am, it's because my bladder woke me and I have to make a bathroom run!

Dan. said...

You have a fun life.

I hate you.

Eva Gallant said...

I have an award for you on my blog; stop by and pick it up.

buffalodick said...

2AM... I haven't closed a bar in 15 years!

Stephanie Faris said...

Did he really say Well come here? That's scary!