Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Night Notes on Tuesdays

Is that title to imply I was out and about on a Tuesday night consuming alcoholic beverages? I can not tell a lie. I was hunkering down on the couch with my love gearing up for a night of Food Network and snuggling when I received a text message from a friend who needed a stiff drink. We changed our clothes swift-like and popped up the street to the Irish Pub. The following occurred:

Fado 10/20/09

Julie: I passed up.
Jud: Passed up?...Oh, like passed up on consciousness?

Nat: We might even get to the point where we have to drink that Cherry Pucker!

Kristen: I hope my boob tastes like that.

Kristen: Julie and I didn't like each other at first.
Julie: And then we did, and then we didn't, and then we did again.

Bubble Gum and Pineapple

Love you K!


Mr. Condescending said...

I'm thirsty now!

buffalodick said...

Fast friendships don't happen here much... So I understand about did, didn't, then did!

Kristen said...

hee hee. Can I just tell you that I was super wasted Tuesday night? haha. I forgot there even was a napkin...

Amanda said...

Sounds like a blast! Too cute. I am definitely thinking I'll be doing some weeknight imbibing this lovely Thursday. Love the pic, too.

Eva Gallant said...

cute pic!

Stephanie Faris said...

Bubble gum and pineapple? You're a good friend to leave your comfy couch to go help out a friend who needs a drink. Oh, wait, you're still at that age where going out and having fun is actually preferable to staying at home!

I have an award for you on my blog today.

Tom Bailey said...

I re-connected to you because we won the same award at Stephaies place. I had been here before... I recognize the wallpaper... You are a fun blog.

Even though I do not drink it is fun to read about these sorts of things..

Passion Fruit said...

Ah, I've always thought that our good friend Booze should never ever have to ask what day it is - I mean you've got to be there for your friends which ever day it is, right?

SO diggin' the picture of you three. Brings back memories! Or something close to them..

Dan. said...

Hello Jules!

I have an award for you on my blog if you wish to collect. If that’s not your bag then I understand, but be nice to see you.

Take it easy my friendly!