Monday, October 5, 2009

Night Notes at Treaty

When will I learn alcoholic beverages after intense workouts don't mix? I spent the morning doing a boot camp style workout with my friend Faith at Quiet Waters park on Saturday. After a lazy afternoon  I got my already sore muscles moving again and decided to go meet Newman and friends at Treaty for an innocent wine.  The weather was unseasonably warm and I had a hard time deciding on shoes but ultimately, I said, "Hi guys," when I choose these.

I mean, obviously, they do need a proper greeting.

So anyway, my shoes and I hobbled, strutted a couple of blocks down the brick sidewalks to meet and greet. I truly planned to have one little drink before heading back to my place for dinner with Mel.

Unfortunately, as best as I can remember, I forgot to eat something before I left. Then Newman left before Mel arrived. Luckily, Ian and all his friends were still there so I casually ordered another Chardonnay. I'm assuming Ian had a friend named AJ because that's the only way I can explain a Night Note reference on my napkin! WHAT?! This was supposed to be a mellow evening. Not night note worthy. Let's just get to the notes and then I'll explain the anti-climatic conclusion of this short night.

Treaty of Paris 10-2-2009

"I love drinking in Annapolis. It feels like home." AJ

"I wanna offended. But I'm not." Jul

"I met this incredible liberal bitch." Ian

"If drinking alcoholic ice tea is wrong, I don't want to be right." Julie Anonymous


How did we end up drinking Jeremiah's sweet tea in a super size shot glass with ice cubes and straws on a classy wine night? Why were we discussing Weeds when the season finale was weeks ago? I can assure you I have no intelligent answer to this, but it would appear I was quite confident in my decision making skills at the time. With every intention of being small spenders, it's also a wonder Mel and I discarded our idea of dinner at my place to indulge in sushi at Joss. But really, who can blame us?

So I have dimly lit, blurry memories of Aji Ponzu, Spring Rolls, Seared Torro, Tuna/Avacado rolls and I doubt I need to mention that last glass of wine. With a March Savannah trip in the works, we walked back to my house where I apparently posted a little tweet and slipped into a deep slumber.  My only explanation for this behavior is being dehydrated from my workout.

For the record, Sunday I was productive. I don't want any misconceptions that I frequently go antique shopping, but I had been meaning to check out a certain shop near my house and finally did. Grabbed some groceries, made banana bread, then fixed lunch for Nat. Very much against my will, we spent the afternoon watching Shawshank Redemption, which I grudgingly had to admit was good. I'm not saying I liked or enjoyed it, but it was a good movie. See? I'm not a drunk.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Oh come on now, Shawshank's a classic! Didn't you bawl like a baby? I did.

Apart from that I remember years ago going boozing...I mean, for a light beverage or five...with a friend after three hours of tennis and a quick shower. I must've had about a pint of beer in an hour, not normally enough to do anything but give me a light buzz, and being so damn fried I walked into a wall. And I SAW the wall in advance and yet still walked into it. And then had the audacity to be outraged at myself.


Stephanie Faris said...

My boyfriend keeps saying he can't handle drinking now that he's older and I tell him it's all about HYDRATION. That's the big difference as you get older. Just drink more water with your alcohol, I say. He doesn't listen, of course, and ends up with a raging headache the next day every time.

I was curious about those shoes when you mentioned them in yesterday's haiku about your weekend!

lifelove'n'wine said...

Oooo, banana bread. I have yet to make a bread did it come out?

Also, Shawshank Redemption is one of my FAVORITE movies. I've seen it countless times and still love it. Maybe it's Morgan Freeman's soothing voice...

buffalodick said...

Are those actually your legs? If they are, best I've seen in a long time! Just a compliment, don't take this the wrong way!

Belle said...

Well said Julia, well said. If alcoholic tea is wrong, I don't want to be right either. Also, I want your shoes.

jules said...

1. Yes. I shed some hardcore tears over the movie. It was intense.

2. Those are in fact my legs. Thanks! :-)

3. Belle, We would get along well! :-)

Eva Gallant said...

I loved Shawshank! must be the booze wasn't all out of your system! lol