Friday, October 9, 2009

Night Notes at Their Best...

I found this gem of a Night Note in a notebook last night and had to share. I mean, what is better than a bunch of friends drawing up official documents to be signed and agreed upon while readily consuming large quantities of liquor? Exactly. Only good can come from it. Ish.

Harry Browne's 6/8/07

This eighth day of June, 2007, *Kristen Saunders, Matt Johnson and Patrick Noble agree that the two losers of the game of scrabble which is to be played Saturday, June 9th 2007 will run 1 naked lap around State Circle. *See Addendum.

If any party gets arrested, all other parties will bail the arrested out.

Signed this 8th Day of June 2007.

Kristen Saunders

Matt Johnson

Patrick Noble

Addendum to Contract
Run takes place on St. Johns grounds, at a date to be agreed upon by both losing parties...Winner pays for drinks of both losing parties pre naked-run.

Addendum #2
If paparazzi is present at the site of the bet, the nakedness is off. No advertising, No bar people and NO cameras or video.

Addendum #2
Official Scrabble rules apply.

And a little commentary from me. I'd like to point out that I was not involved in the above participation part of this contract. Based on the fact that the actual written copy seems to be mostly in my handwriting, it might be a safe bet that I was an instigator. MIGHT. I am not taking responsibility however. I'd also like it noted that I'm pleased it's clear we can think reasonably while intoxicated as we changed the location from circling the freeking State House where cameras would be sure to capture this debauchery and further, we made sure everyone was covered in the event of an arrest. I love my friends.

*Last names changed to protect guilty parties.


buffalodick said...

The U of M has an annual "naked mile" run though the campus- and it isn't just three people!


Thank you for your comment! There will be happier posts to come involving my day to day life, crafts, painting, books, fashion, movies, interesting stories and so forth...Please follow me! I will be continuing to read yours because I loved it! <3

Eva Gallant said...

Jules, you guys really must have been half in the bag to plan a naked run around the State House! lol

Stephanie Faris said...

TECHNICALLY if someone wanted out of said contract, he/she could say contracts signed while inebriated don't count. Of course, you probably won't want to be the one to point that out...for your own entertainment!

Kristen said...

Ha! I had forgotten all about this. What happened to the scrabble game...?