Monday, October 26, 2009

Haiku Monday

Wine with boot camp girls.
Family in Cobb Island.
Two scary movies.

I know the point of Haiku Monday is to wrap up the weekend quickly, but I feel this one needs a short explanation. Friday night, I popped over to my friend Faiths place. She was having happy hour at her house and several ladies I know from taking a boot camp class at the gym were there. We consumed LOTS of wine.  If there had been a napkin, I would have written down that Anonymous said "Wait to sleep with him until you can't wait any longer." Those may or may not be my words to live by.

Saturday night my whole family drove to Cobb Island for a family function. Loved it.

Sunday, I had a costume conference with Kristen and Judd. Things are sizing up nicely for our Chrissy, Janet and Jack, Three's Company outfits! I borrowed Coraline from her thinking it would be something nice to unwind too after Nat and I got back from viewing Paranormal Activity. Let's just say, I'm not sure which movie spooked me more!


Eva Gallant said...

My Halloween garb:
An imitation of Cher--
Check blog--got her hair!


great post! Coroline is freaky...I havent gotten the guts yet to see paranormal...that quote has become a motto here lately..but I cant always seem to follow it lol