Thursday, September 17, 2009

A quick update

Yeah. It's cold here. Like cold cold. One of the best parts about staying at a B&B is the breakfast. I'm currently in bed smelling blueberry pancakes. We're on the first floor and the warm scent of syrup is wafting under the door. I keep kicking Nat but he's not having it just yet. The lady who owns this place is a fantastic cook and recommended a lovely place for dinner last night. Each outfitted in our brand new winter coats, we headed out after an extended high tea with treats and mingling with the rest of the crowd here for more seafood. Lobster bisque, clam chowder, ect.

I've gotta get this fellow up but here's a quick list of highlights.

1. The fact that we're in the off season, shops are getting ready to close and everything is 50% off.
2. Chatting with a shop owner after determining the locals aren't so friendly and he says, "Bar Harbor, the dogs are nice, and the people are rude."
3. The sixty plus lady at tea yesterday who said, "Well you always have to have alcohol!" Where was my night note?
4. Realizing that at tea, nobody was drinking the tea and coffee available. They were drinking their own wine and or spirits.  Average age 60 and awesome! I loved it.
5. Must get up for homemade mouthwatering smelling breakfast for nourishment for our Whale Cruise today!
6. What I'm not going to mention is Nat's possible run-in  with the law that may or may not have happened after Monday night's seemingly impromptu bachelor party night with Patrick. What I will say, is that if this occurrence did happen, which I'm not saying it did, he probably got off *Scott free, aside from getting called out about it by that sweet couple who shared wine with us yesterday. Again, this is all speculation.....

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