Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Night Notes on Sunday

With a three day weekend, one birthday, one engagement, and one set of newly straightened teeth upon us; Mel, Kristen and I decided Sunday night was the night for our celebrations. We started at my house over a bottle of wine, Mel's Birthday fun and Kristen's new ring while ooohing and aaaahing at my invisiline free teeth before we walked out the door, wandered the downtown streets for a bit and eventually settled on old faithful. Harry Browne's.

The following was found on the Night Notes the next day:

Kristen: It was those magical bar pretzels.
Anonymous: This is not going to be good for the one night stand I'm about to engage in.
Anonymous: You googled "Weed in the aerogarden?!?!"
Kristen: You know why? Because we're drunks.
9-6-09 --The death of HB's
Mel- Consider it tattood.
All- Shots to lots of sex.
Kristen- You're using it as an excuse because you feel bad!
"We operate as a single unit."
Jeff Vito: Do you want another shot?
Kristen: We had several.
Julie: I hate it when Nats right. Eat these pretzels and it doesn't count.
Anonymous: I'm full of pretzel and vodka.
Kristen: I'm not sure, but I'm offended.
Danny: Harry Browne's. Happy Browne's. What do you want now?
I also found a part two which not only noted the new bartender "Edly" as saying something humorous, but Mel saying "Cheers mother-f%#$ers."

It goes without saying Mel, Kristen and I were hating life yesterday, but Sunday was a fantastic night! Love you girls!!!!


Kristen said...

Aah, the night notes. We were really on a roll.

I'm still never drinking again.

Stephanie Faris said...

What fun. You guys look great!

JennyMac said...

Super cute pics! And the notes cracked me up.

Suzanne said...

I don't know who you are or how you found that quirky secondary blog of mine, but you are fantastic! A laugh Riot!!!!!!! Keep writing girlie.

(I have notes on napkins too. Also written all over my car manual, on the insides of bobby pin packages and even on an unused diaper. I kid you NOT)

buffalodick said...

I'm an engineering type- my favorite line was "I could draw a better design than that on a bar napkin!" And we have an Aero Garden! This is Kinsmet, lovely lady! Thanks for stopping by my blog- you are a keeper!