Saturday, September 19, 2009

Night Notes in Bar Harbor

After consuming about eight thousand calories yesterday morning, Nat and I grabbed our bikes and hopped on a bus to Acadia National Park. It was a little brisk for my taste but the park was beautiful, there were wide trails and we even hiked up some wicked rocks for a killer view at one point. Not scary at all.

Later that day, after high tea with the rest of the guests we went to Cafe This Way for dinner. I'll be posting pictures later but beg you to understand how they probably wont do the place justice. It was like eating in a library slash art gallery slash garage. And that's a good thing. We had a bottle of Riesling with scallops and lobster penne. To die for.

We then met up with Patrick, Erin and her brothers, who can I just say were hilarious? So hilarious, that Night Notes took place!

Finback 09-18-09

"Wear socks. If your feet are warm, you're good!"
"The shit is wicked wrong."
"Cosmic shooting. It's wicked."
"She makes a wicked breakfast."
"I'm wicked stupid."
"This alcohol is so good."

Clearly, the joke of the night was the fact that all the locals up here say that everything is "wicked."  Other observations about the people up here are that there are a lot of year-round hippies, plenty of tourists and absolutely NO cultural diversity unless you count the Russians who come to work the summers. It's really odd. Most of the people who live here were just wearing sweatshirts at the bar last night, but one girl had on a black peacoat, shorts and flip flops. Don't even get me started. Just don't. This girl later pointed our group out to her male friend that his "posse" was over there, and wasn't he going to say hi? He did eventually come to say hello to Patrick. I didn't really appreciate her tone however and can't imagine why she didn't like us while we obnoxiously said "wicked" a lot and stopped using our "r's." She may have also felt Erin and I boring judgmental looks her way in reference to her outfit. Go figure. "This baaa is wicked stoooopid." Riiight.

Almost time to get ready for Patrick and Erin's wedding!!!!!!!


Stephanie Faris said...

What is it with the whole "wicked" thing there? It's not my favorite accent, I have to say, although I'm sure people up there think us southerners' accents are pretty ugly too!

Passion Fruit said...

Why oh why have I never thought about making notes on napkins. So many revolutionary ideas, world-changing statements, cures for AIDS and more have fallen into oblivion..

JennyMac said...

this is SO funny. this alcohol is so good is probably thought about 100 times per night.

Put your fancy dress on Misses, I have an award for you at my Awards bash today.

Eva Gallant said...

Jules! glad you're enjoying the park!

Surge said...

Oooh. Napkin notes.
Awsome. Nice blog, friend

buffalodick said...

Regionally generated accents don't always come across as "quaint" depends on the words said..

One Sassy Girl said...

Tried to leave a comment just now and blogger went bunk on me. Not at all wicked...

That day sounded f-a-b. I'm overdue for one of those proper sessions with a friend!