Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Bar Harbor Wrap-Up

So we last left off at getting ready for the wedding. I really had no idea what to expect, but it ended up being exactly what I want in a wedding played out before my very eyes! We arrived to Acadia park and walked to a cliff overlooking the water and a fast approaching sunset. The ceremony was five minutes long, and attended by 17 people before we were off to a fancy dinner, with plenty of wine and musical duo with string style instruments!

(This works. They may not want their photo's up, so you get the idea!)

The next day Nat and I left the bikes at the Cleftstone Manor, but drove back to Cadillac Mountain for some beautiful hiking. The afternoon consisted of a sailboat ride with Patrick and Erin and the rest of the wedding guests. Nat had previously set his sights on a sweet leather jacket which he meant to pick up before the sailboat trip, but we ran out of time. He complained bitterly the whole time about his cold neck and everybody blamed me, which I don't really think was fair.

This just makes me realize how small we really are.

I bet you had no idea I was like so totally extreme, right?

This was our last night and after packing up Patrick's house, we walked back downtown with everyone to get ice cream. Except, I'm not really into ice cream so I just posed with this lobster and then we went and ate one more!

That lobster was trying to get fresh with me.


Katie said...

That sounds like the perfect wedding, small, simple, and beautiful.

P.S. I was wondering why that lobster had such a big smile on his face, that dirty crustacean.

Eva Gallant said...

You gotta' watch out for those lobsters..they are often accompanied by the crabs!
So glad you made it to Cadillac Mountain, my favorite place in Maine.

Anonymous said...

Those bad lobsters with their sexy pincers!

Hey, I'm not into ice cream either. Someone once told me there was another freak somewhere on Earth but till now, I'd yet to find her! Hi! :)

Sally-Sal said...

Lobsters are a bit of alright. It's the crabs you have to watch out for.