Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bar Harbor Begins

Nat and I both admitted to having nerves before starting our 12 hour drive to Maine last night around 9:30 pm. We hit the road with "The Count of Monte Cristo" on the ipod, and sped into the night. By 4am we were rolling along a winding strip in Rhode Island and saw a bright orange shooting start streak across the sky. We cruised past Boston with a pink backdrop as the sun rose around 6am and I briefly regretted our decision not to stay a few days. By 9am we were well into Maine and anticipating an early arrival.  I can't be sure what went wrong from there, but exhausted and fueled only by non-organic sausage egg and cheese biscuits, things went very awry. We *Mainely meandered those last hours pointing out the cleverly punned names of establishments and counting the lobster pounds.

Upon arrival we unloaded the bags in a daze, marveled our fantastic room briefly and I climbed under a plethora of cool sheets, blankets and mounds of pillows. Bed never felt so good. Nat was considering going for a bike ride but I convincingly suggested he pop into bed for a half an hour for a nap with me first. Once in bed he smiled, sighed, snuggled up and snored. I didn't mind one bit. No nap in the history of (three hour) naps has ever been so good.

Awaking refreshed, we popped downtown stunned at how clear the water was and our luck that it was 72 degrees! There are jewelry shops with amber and wire work. Tourmaline stones and art in every store. Hemp products and signs asking the hippies to enter from the side doors. Bikers with backpacks and locals with dogs. Ice cream, coffee shops and lobster joints on every corner. We picked out our whale trip, checked out wine stores and spied Patrick drive by right as we were deciding where to head for dinner. After meeting up at his house, the three of us opted for bar seats at a restaurant whose cool garden twinkled with christmas lights and grabbed a beer and dinner. Two words. Seafood Risotto. YUM!

Walking back to the car Patrick pointed out the Criterion, a classic movie theatre from the 30's where we'll be seeing an opera on Thursday! I'm settled back at the B&B, (trying to not be spooked!) and actually enjoying the crisp feel in the air. The boys are out being boys and catching up and I plan to get to work on my homework reading if I can just stay awake.

More later and apologies for any typos! Did I mention I'm happily exhausted?


Eva Gallant said...

Glad you made it safely! Don't forget...you absolutely have to drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain!

Have a great time!

buffalodick said...

Wonderfully written! Even I feel more relaxed after your descriptions...