Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Relaxation followed by Meltdown City

Extra hours in the day? I was fortunate to come by them this past week. With my boss on vacation, I spent a little less time in the office than normal and take advantage of this time I did.

Every morning I went for heart pumping bike rides. Mostly because I'm just getting up the nerve to get off the sidewalk and onto the shoulder like a real cyclist and it's terrifying. You just hope nobody hits you. So far so good though! During said rides, I saw the same father/daughter duo with their blond labs, a 30 something fellow in airwalks with a long frizzy pony tail, and a father with two sons team kayaking every morning. Fresh cut grass never smelled better.

Another scene of the play is nearly complete. My blog was well-tended. I had healthy substantial lunches and light dinners every night. (Sans the two evenings Nat and I followed up dinner with "Julie and Julia", and "Harry Potter" with a side of popcorn, cherry coke AND reeses pieces. Oops. Though we did have time for extra non-gym related exercise! Blush!) My herb garden was visited and cared for everyday. My book shelves are organized. The floors are scrubbed and the laundry is up to date. My head was filled with thoughts of story lines, photography inspiration, recipes, and decorating ideas instead of the normal internal struggles of forcing myself to the stuffy gym followed by talking myself out of dusting or the like when I got home.

Last night we went to dinner, had a bottle of wine and met some friends at Sly Fox. Lovely. Well, until I had a full blown meltdown upon returning home. I blame it on ...well me. Nat was nothing but patient even if he didn't tell me exactly what I wanted to hear. On the bright side, biking through downtowns million dollar homes has been inspirational on many levels. And I officially registered for Creative Writing. FINALLY. Three credits towards the Bachelors Degree...


Stephanie Faris said...

Yay. Meltdown? It sounds like you're doing great. You're exercising, eating right, and on the way toward achieving your dreams.

One Sassy Girl said...

Meltdown? Over what? Dish it, missy. Can't suck us in and not deliver the goods! Good job on enrolling in the class. I want to do that too but have sworn off school for... umm, ever? After 8 yrs of higher ed, I'm due to never go back.