Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No fun. Sitting in the Dark.

I noticed a little lightening and thunder last night about halfway through "Weeds" (Nancy, what the hell are you doing?!?!) but upon inspection of the online weather report there was no concern of a thunderstorm. Let's just say I was annoyed when an earth shattering burst of lightening knocked the power out moments later. Bother. Luckily, I had procrastinated on putting the solar garden lights my parents got me outside so I was able to find some matches and candles with those. The only sound was that of the storm and it was eerily dark on my street. I assured myself there was nothing to be afraid of and that I should just go to sleep before I noticed how hot the house would undoubtedly be getting. It had been 95 degrees during the day! While brushing my teeth I realized I was refusing to look in the mirror convinced that Bloody Mary would be there to greet me with her ax thing. Stupid childhood games.

I broke down. I did what I hate to do. Ring Ring! "Hi Nat. It's me. What's up?" He laughed a little too hard I feel when I informed him the power was out and I was (ahem) scared. Our friend Matt then picked up the phone to give me some helpful pointers.

"Don't answer the door. Especially if it's a guy in a hockey mask!"
"What?!?!" I wailed. "You're feeding into my worst fear!"

He laughed and proceeded on to some more friendly advice about what to do if I heard a chainsaw. Nat finished up and said he should be home in about 2 hours. Two long hours. I tried to put a movie in my laptop, but it wouldn't let me skip past the horror flick preview, which I found to be suspicious. About an hour or so had passed, the storm was calming down and I heard people outside presumably fixing the power situation. I found a Simpsons DVD to try and luckily fell asleep rather quickly. Several more hours passed before I woke up to the sounds of the air conditioning turning back on. I had bravely weathered the storm all by myself! This time...


Stephanie Faris said...

Yay. I fell asleep last night at around 11, EXHAUSTED. My boyfriend told me there was a storm so bad it was shaking the house and I slept right through it! Thank God for earplugs!

One Sassy Girl said...

I love storms, Like love 'em. Turn the TV off, pull a chair to the window and watch mayhem ensue! Something about them gets me all revved up! But yes, serial killers DO frequent their victims during storms, for sure ;)