Friday, August 21, 2009

Deep philosophical conversations with Julie

It's been brought to my attention this week that I have absurd conversations with my friends. This is normal right?

Wednesday, April and I indulged in our second Virtual Wine night which includes and is limited to drinking wine while staring at our own faces in the screen, complaining we look stupid and repeatedly readjusting the lights, angle of our computers and hair styles. Topics this night included:

  1. April and Danny's Trip to Seattle
  2. My Meltdown
  3. Fraggle Rock
  4. Nancy's questionable decision to marry Esteban (I'm displeased with this), and how Alanis Morrissette is actually kind of likable on Weeds.
  5. An in depth and thorough Google investigation as to whether or not Ilsa Fischer and Amy Adams are the same person. After a good 35 minutes we concluded that they may in fact be different, but if the magic 8 ball was to make the final determination then it "Cannot predict now."
In an odd turn of events, for once, we did not discuss Kendra Wilkinson's poor ponytail hairstyle decisions. I'm confident it will be on the agenda for next time.

I was happy to hear from my dear cuz Brandon early this evening. He was making the drive to the beach. Our topics included:

  1. School
  2. Fish so big a cast iron skillet weighing over 4 tons would need to be delicately placed over a volcano to fry them.
  3. Neither of us have the means to determine the difference between 1 ton and 4 tons...or 10 tons.
  4. Those who abuse Facebook Status updating.
  5. Advantages vs. disadvantages to staying in with friends as opposed to boozing at bars.
We did not discuss martial arts, gyms, or sushi happy hours. This time.

Via email, Kristen and I discussed The Night she used her Pancakes as a Pillow because she was so tired and the fact that we must have done something extraordinarily fabulous the previous night for such a development happen, though neither of us can recall what. From there we both admitted though anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Hello Cupcake! books, neither of us have any desire to consume said future creations. She then pointed out our tendency to do odd things such as the day we purchased Harrison Ford style hats out of the men's section at Burlington coat factory with every intention of single handedly making them 2007's next big fashion trend. There's no need to tell how well that turned out or the fact that we went through an odd phase where we were obsessed with hanging out at Apple Bee's drinking Margarita's with Billy Joel even though I loath, hate and despise chain restaurants.

I can only hope my discussion with somebody soon will involve my love for run-on sentences.


Stephanie Faris said...

I love the way you guys think! The Isla Fisher-Amy Adams thing bugged me for a while. I can tell a difference when they're pictured side by side but separately I get them all mixed up! I actually like Amy Adams better...although I have a feeling that might not be the favorite choice of most people. I think Amy is adorable! Amy Adams and Isla Fisher, side by side:

jules said...

Thank you for adding that picture. It's a perfect specimen !

Jillian Livingston said...

Visiting from SITS.

What would we do without our girlfriends? My friends and I are planning a Back To School celebration where we will sit around in pj's and drink ourselves to complete giddiness and then go out and do stupid things and not cater to anybody!

Brian said...

4 tons sounds like an appropriate sized cast iron skillet for volcano frying. Anything smaller would fall in the volcano and anything larger would have wasted space that isn't getting heated. Nice estimate.

Eva Gallant said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad I found yours. I like the visual of you and your friend starting a new fashion trend..guess it never made it to Msinr! Hope you'll visit often; I know I'll be back.

MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt said...

Love that you are also concerned with Kendra's questionable ponytail style. I have spent countless conversations (my husband might say wasted time) discussing just this thing.

Anonymous said...

I have also had the Isla/Amy convo before and have used that exact picture. If they are the same person, they certainly aren't trying very hard to fool us. Isla's hotter, though. Which is confusing either way.

Organic Meatbag said...

Ooooh, I am a big outcrier against Facebook status abuse...I have blogged about that a couple of times myself...hahaha!