Friday, August 14, 2009

A Day at the Dentist

Let's just say this visit went much better than the last. (Come to think of it, I'll re-post that blog) For starters, when I mentioned to Eli approximately 10 minutes before leaving for my cleaning, I was off to a new dentist, it turned out that he too is a patient at the establishment I would be patronizing. I told him I'd be sure to name-drop, and that I did.

While I didn't enjoy the brutal advances in digital x-ray technology bestowed upon me involving large contraptions jammed under my tongue and into my cheeks resulting in violent gag reflexes (insert inappropriate joke here) the staff was friendly and forgiving and I was thankful for less radiation. Around this time I noticed that Eli was correct. They were playing Jack Johnson! Nice.

So then it was onto the cleaning part. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but the hygienist said if everyone paid as much attention to their oral hygiene as I did, her job would be much easier. If you want to know the truth, since that last episode, (which again, I will be posting) I floss 2-3 times a day. It paid off in that I had very little plaque. When the actual dentist came in, I expressed my concern over having a cavity in one of my well-cared for teeth. She explained it was probably based on either the shape of my tooth, or the invisiline factor. (I'll be done in two weeks!)

Not one to be a nervous jervous over routine visits, my voice started to shake when she expressed concern over my perfectly intact wisdom teeth. I told her in an uneasy tone that I was pretty sure those teeth were settled and wouldn't be causing anyone any trouble. She gently suggested it might be in my best interest to consider getting them out since I'd spent so much money straightening them with invisiline. I burst into tears. Ok, I didn't really, but I'm sure the look on my face was absolutely panic stricken. Some people are afraid of spiders, I have a completely irrational fear of wisdom teeth removal. But do you know that you have to sign a form stating it's OK if they paralyze your face??? That's not a risk I'm will to take!

I casually changed the subject stating that, "Boy, my friend Eli was right! This is a lovely office. I've got to be headed back to work now however!" She completely forgot about my pesky wisdom teeth and said Eli was a ROCKSTAR! I was like, "I know!" I popped out of my chair ready to make my great escape only to immediately lose my balance and fall light headed into a counter. "Are you OK," she exclaimed?!? "Oh yes! Never better! Lovely to meet you however!"

With that, I was awarded not only $100.00 off my visit, but Eli scores $100.00 of his next too! ROCKSTAR!

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