Monday, August 31, 2009

Haiku Monday

I can't pretend I'm going to be daily. Monday's are particularly busy but I can strive to update you with a weekly post accounting for my weekend. In 17 syllables. (Plus, I just really love Haikus.)

Comfy, couch class time.
Hot summer walks. Hitchcock night.
Chair paint. Snuggle-fest.

And now for more fun. Please share your Haiku with me.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Need to Cry and "I'm on a boat."

The tears couldn't wait. I didn't want to be crazy crying chick in the car. It was overcast, but I snatched my sunglasses out of my purse to shield my eyes as my lip quivered and salty water spilled down my cheeks. The higher education gods had shot me down yet again. So that's not entirely true. Being the last minute person I am, I'd registered for my creative writing class last week, not realizing payment was due immediately. So when I was emailed at 5:20 pm that the school had dropped me from the class, my emotions got away from me and I couldn't handle the let down.

Not one to cry often, when I do, I make it a good one. Blubbering my whole 10 minute drive home, I plotted my plan of attack. How to release this brewing tantrum. Should I go for an angry run? Throw things? Have a relaxing soak in the tub with a bottle of vodk--I mean wine. By the time I parked my car and slammed the door satisfyingly loud, I decided a nice steamy shower sob would suffice. Nat would be upstairs in the loft. I'd verify we didn't need to be anywhere, then escape to the shower to wail away. I stomped into our house barely containing my cries.

"WHAT'S UP WOMAN?!?!" (That's what he says.)

No answer.

"Hey are you coming up here?"

I knew if I spoke a single word, all would be lost. Suddenly, from a female voice.

"Hello. Nat's mother is here." I heard the proverbial record screech.

"Hi," I choked out.

"We're watching Rachel Ray."

"Oh... I love her." (To myself. $%&#!!!!) How was I going to cry now?!?! I slinked away to our bedroom, gently shut the door, sat in the middle of the bed, pulled the blanket over my body, hugged my knees and utterly sobbed, huge heaving sobs into my legs. Quietly that is. I knew I didn't have long. I'd have to pull it together. That thought only made me cry harder. A couple minutes later, the door opened. He sat on the bed and put his arms around me before asking what was wrong. Explaining the situation, I sort of felt silly, but he knows my desire to finish my BA. Wiping my mascara stained cheeks, he informed me my ring tone on his new phone was now "Im on a Boat." (Waaaait for it.) There was no way I couldn't laugh at that.

So I pulled it together, washed my face then showed it. His Mom understood my need for a good cry. And like a kid who gets ice cream after skinning their knee, Nat took us for sushi.

The next day I was able to re-enroll into the class.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Couches and Condos

Leaving Pierre Bear and Chilly Willy to their shenanigans, I headed south to meet my parents in order to pick up a couch at my Grandmother's house in Waldorf. I knew it wouldn't be quite my style but I had determined I needed a love seat for our loft approximately 10 minutes after I decided to put myself on a strict budget. Luckily, my Mom mentioned a spare couch shortly thereafter, yadda, yadda. Things clearly fell into place. Plus, the couch perfectly matches my wine (go figure) colored curtains and is extra comfy.

Anyway, back in Annapolis Nat, my parents and I spent the afternoon looking at condos for sale because they were a block away and then had dinner at El Torro Bravo. Fantastic fun. Not as much fun as these two clearly had...

Introducing, Pierre Bear and Chilly Willy!

I came downstairs this morning to find these two drinking a bottle of Pinot Noir and discussing global warming along with their fantasy football leagues.

"Isn't it a little early for that," I asked?

Pierre Bear scoffed at me and took a drag from his cigarette.

"Newman was right. She is the fun police," was his reply.

"I'm gonna write that down," said Chilly laughing.

"Is that Night Note on a Napkin," demanded incredulously?!?!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Judgie Wudgie was a Bear...

And I want all my little bears to judge me. Am I Glamorous? Riveting? Lackluster? I can handle the truth. Or can I? You be the (ahem) judge.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Deep philosophical conversations with Julie

It's been brought to my attention this week that I have absurd conversations with my friends. This is normal right?

Wednesday, April and I indulged in our second Virtual Wine night which includes and is limited to drinking wine while staring at our own faces in the screen, complaining we look stupid and repeatedly readjusting the lights, angle of our computers and hair styles. Topics this night included:

  1. April and Danny's Trip to Seattle
  2. My Meltdown
  3. Fraggle Rock
  4. Nancy's questionable decision to marry Esteban (I'm displeased with this), and how Alanis Morrissette is actually kind of likable on Weeds.
  5. An in depth and thorough Google investigation as to whether or not Ilsa Fischer and Amy Adams are the same person. After a good 35 minutes we concluded that they may in fact be different, but if the magic 8 ball was to make the final determination then it "Cannot predict now."
In an odd turn of events, for once, we did not discuss Kendra Wilkinson's poor ponytail hairstyle decisions. I'm confident it will be on the agenda for next time.

I was happy to hear from my dear cuz Brandon early this evening. He was making the drive to the beach. Our topics included:

  1. School
  2. Fish so big a cast iron skillet weighing over 4 tons would need to be delicately placed over a volcano to fry them.
  3. Neither of us have the means to determine the difference between 1 ton and 4 tons...or 10 tons.
  4. Those who abuse Facebook Status updating.
  5. Advantages vs. disadvantages to staying in with friends as opposed to boozing at bars.
We did not discuss martial arts, gyms, or sushi happy hours. This time.

Via email, Kristen and I discussed The Night she used her Pancakes as a Pillow because she was so tired and the fact that we must have done something extraordinarily fabulous the previous night for such a development happen, though neither of us can recall what. From there we both admitted though anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Hello Cupcake! books, neither of us have any desire to consume said future creations. She then pointed out our tendency to do odd things such as the day we purchased Harrison Ford style hats out of the men's section at Burlington coat factory with every intention of single handedly making them 2007's next big fashion trend. There's no need to tell how well that turned out or the fact that we went through an odd phase where we were obsessed with hanging out at Apple Bee's drinking Margarita's with Billy Joel even though I loath, hate and despise chain restaurants.

I can only hope my discussion with somebody soon will involve my love for run-on sentences.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Relaxation followed by Meltdown City

Extra hours in the day? I was fortunate to come by them this past week. With my boss on vacation, I spent a little less time in the office than normal and take advantage of this time I did.

Every morning I went for heart pumping bike rides. Mostly because I'm just getting up the nerve to get off the sidewalk and onto the shoulder like a real cyclist and it's terrifying. You just hope nobody hits you. So far so good though! During said rides, I saw the same father/daughter duo with their blond labs, a 30 something fellow in airwalks with a long frizzy pony tail, and a father with two sons team kayaking every morning. Fresh cut grass never smelled better.

Another scene of the play is nearly complete. My blog was well-tended. I had healthy substantial lunches and light dinners every night. (Sans the two evenings Nat and I followed up dinner with "Julie and Julia", and "Harry Potter" with a side of popcorn, cherry coke AND reeses pieces. Oops. Though we did have time for extra non-gym related exercise! Blush!) My herb garden was visited and cared for everyday. My book shelves are organized. The floors are scrubbed and the laundry is up to date. My head was filled with thoughts of story lines, photography inspiration, recipes, and decorating ideas instead of the normal internal struggles of forcing myself to the stuffy gym followed by talking myself out of dusting or the like when I got home.

Last night we went to dinner, had a bottle of wine and met some friends at Sly Fox. Lovely. Well, until I had a full blown meltdown upon returning home. I blame it on ...well me. Nat was nothing but patient even if he didn't tell me exactly what I wanted to hear. On the bright side, biking through downtowns million dollar homes has been inspirational on many levels. And I officially registered for Creative Writing. FINALLY. Three credits towards the Bachelors Degree...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Three's Company Night

Mel and I knocked on Kristen and Jud's door at about 7pm last night. Bottle of wine in hand and ready for a night of research. Costume research that is. Two weekends ago and over a year after Kristen, Jud and I lived together, it dawned on us that we were totally Three's Company. Even more odd:

Jack, Janet, Chrissy
Jud, Julie, Kristen

It's like it was our destiny to be them for Halloween. Mel is on board for Mrs. Roper, but it's going to take some convincing for Ben to be the Mr. In a fortunate turn of events, Jenkins not only will make an excellent Larry Dallas, but he just so happened to have several seasons of Three's Company on DVD. And so. another theme night, and another napkin were born...

(night noting)

Three's Company Night

It smells oddly edible, in that stale pot kind of way.

Chocolate, raspberries and the taste of my nuts. -Jud

The three of you together are like a flurry and a frenzy...but not a gaggle. -Jud
-ref--Kristen, Mel, Jul

You see the penis. It's on the counter. -Kristen

Julie- That's delicious. I'll have a whole glass next time.
Kristen- SEE?!?! That's how it happens.

Kristen, Mel, Jul, Jud, Jenkins:

Old pot is better than no's smells like Lollapolooza- Anonymous

"We're going to the Roopers!!!!" Chrissy

(Jud's perfect Jack Tripper Impression)

(Crab Action. Jenks and I went Fiddler. Everyone else went traditional.)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie's Unfortunate Dentist Visit

(This was written after an unfortunate trip to the Dentist two years ago. For the record, I was told at yesterday's visit with a different Dentist I was the ideal patient with my still sitting and clean teeth.)

I swear I'm not one of the dentist-phobic freaks. I will admit that I have an extreme aversion to the idea of having my wisdom teeth removed. Ill even go as far to admit that I actually scheduled to have them taken out at one point in my life and upon arrival flipped out, proceeded forward, and eventually the oral surgeon decided we couldn't go on because I was (ahem) ..well hysterical. As a child I had no qualms with my cleanings. Around 22, it was discovered that I had two cavities. I successfully received my fillings problem free. I have been very busy for the last five years. (what?!?!) I have failed to go to the dentist in this period of time. I am ashamed to admit that after going to the dentist finally, it was determined that I had two cavities to be attended to. I happily obliged to having them filled as the dentist visit was provoked by A, one of those horrible dreams we all have where our teeth begin falling out of our mouths at an alarming rate. (ie all at once) and B, I've decided to get invisiline.

I arrived at the dentist yesterday fairly confident. I had my pod and tunes ready. It was calming when I realized he was going to pre-numb before he gave me Novocain shots.

"You took your pre-meds right?" he questioned

"Yes." I lied. (I have a heart condition which requires me to take antibiotics before any dental procedure, surgery, piercings, tattoos ect., as to avoid unfortunate heart infections which could result in death. I just hadn't had the time to pick that up. Like I said, I've been REALLY busy these past five years)

After the first shot, I noticed I seemed to be shaking. When he aimed for the second, I noticed how far the needle seemed to be inserted into my face. Then I noticed my back muscles were very tense and I tried to relax.

"Are you certain Im completely numb?" I asked, as he got ready to start drilling.

"Sure are," he said! "Can you feel this?"

"No." I skeptically answered, suddenly realizing I had an overwhelming urge to cry. I considered admitting my failure to abide by medical instructions and run like the wind out of there, but continued on.

Drillings on the first side were non-eventful. The second side was going just fine until suddenly I could FEEL THE DRILL IN MY TOOTH! Natural reaction made me jerk away. "AWWW!!!!!!" I said. (yes, as opposed to "Oww", shut up)

"OK, you CANT move like that!" he snapped.

"ID HURD!!!!!" I snapped back in my mostly numb state. Tears immediately began to stream down my face. I swear, I walked into this feeling just fine. Novocain simply makes me crack under the pressure. The super friendly dental assistant rubbed my arm and said nice things.

"You must not be all the way numb yet." he stated as though he had figured this out.

"Oh really?" I thought angrily towards him. "REEEEEEEEALLY?????? I'm not numb???????" My favorite part was that even the next TWO shots he injected were painful. My jaw is still sore today.

At this point I had not set up my pod and had no intentions of it. I was especially glad of this as he soon said, "Hmm," I pretended I didn't hear it. "Hmmm," he repeated. "That's odd." As it turned out, I had a third cavity in an unusual spot. Great. Another spot of delicious tooth burning to attend to.

We finished up and I drove home feeling like my lip was 10 sizes too large, even though they assured me I looked normal which only made me suspicious. All also noticed that my face was numb as far north as my eye. I didn't really appreciate that either. Once at home I attempted to make faces in the mirror and my inability to form words properly prompted me to begin an irrational stream of tears that would fail to cease for the next 45 minutes. I text Kristen, unaware that she was having a stressful day herself to see how soon she would be home, stating Id had a traumatic dental experience. She text back "be home soon!" I tried to busy myself by folding clothes and cleaning but the tears wouldn't stop. I knew I was being ridic, but I couldn't pull it together.

I had been tear free for about 10 minutes when I heard the door open. I got up prepared to tell Kristen of my ordeal, and to my dismay I was faced with Jud. He paused and looked at me for a minute before asking in an alarmed fashion, "Whats wrong???" (Apparently my bottom lip immediately began to quiver but of course, I couldn't feel this)

"You're not Kristen," I replied clearly stating the obvious and began to bawl. He couldn't have been more uncomfortable trying to console me, which is really quite funny looking back on it.

When Id finally pulled myself together Kristen arrived home with Belle who was ecstatic to be visiting again, and I sobbingly retold my story from under my tear soaked blanket on our couch. She quickly offered to take me to the pharmacy to fill my prescription to avoid a heart infected death. While at the pharmacy, we decided it was a good idea to fill the time waiting by picking up some "Bella Italia" for a stress free din to end the stress filled day.

And I assure you, those tears were Novocain tears.

A Day at the Dentist

Let's just say this visit went much better than the last. (Come to think of it, I'll re-post that blog) For starters, when I mentioned to Eli approximately 10 minutes before leaving for my cleaning, I was off to a new dentist, it turned out that he too is a patient at the establishment I would be patronizing. I told him I'd be sure to name-drop, and that I did.

While I didn't enjoy the brutal advances in digital x-ray technology bestowed upon me involving large contraptions jammed under my tongue and into my cheeks resulting in violent gag reflexes (insert inappropriate joke here) the staff was friendly and forgiving and I was thankful for less radiation. Around this time I noticed that Eli was correct. They were playing Jack Johnson! Nice.

So then it was onto the cleaning part. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but the hygienist said if everyone paid as much attention to their oral hygiene as I did, her job would be much easier. If you want to know the truth, since that last episode, (which again, I will be posting) I floss 2-3 times a day. It paid off in that I had very little plaque. When the actual dentist came in, I expressed my concern over having a cavity in one of my well-cared for teeth. She explained it was probably based on either the shape of my tooth, or the invisiline factor. (I'll be done in two weeks!)

Not one to be a nervous jervous over routine visits, my voice started to shake when she expressed concern over my perfectly intact wisdom teeth. I told her in an uneasy tone that I was pretty sure those teeth were settled and wouldn't be causing anyone any trouble. She gently suggested it might be in my best interest to consider getting them out since I'd spent so much money straightening them with invisiline. I burst into tears. Ok, I didn't really, but I'm sure the look on my face was absolutely panic stricken. Some people are afraid of spiders, I have a completely irrational fear of wisdom teeth removal. But do you know that you have to sign a form stating it's OK if they paralyze your face??? That's not a risk I'm will to take!

I casually changed the subject stating that, "Boy, my friend Eli was right! This is a lovely office. I've got to be headed back to work now however!" She completely forgot about my pesky wisdom teeth and said Eli was a ROCKSTAR! I was like, "I know!" I popped out of my chair ready to make my great escape only to immediately lose my balance and fall light headed into a counter. "Are you OK," she exclaimed?!? "Oh yes! Never better! Lovely to meet you however!"

With that, I was awarded not only $100.00 off my visit, but Eli scores $100.00 of his next too! ROCKSTAR!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meteor Showers and Wing(wo)man

With all this talk of meteor showers, I can't help but recall my first memory of such an occurrence taking place in DC. It was November of 2001. (I googled the date)

Recently single, I was young, naive, timid of the "big city" and not sure how dating worked. Not to fear, I had my friend Becca to lead the way. Granted I'd been going to DC my whole life, but never without a parental unit, never to a club and surely not with an estimated time of arrival 11:30 p.m. It was frigid this particular evening but that didn't stop us from climbing into Becca's drafty not always so reliable jeep (that totally symbolized freedom to me) in our skimpiest clothes possible and heading into the night. Upon arrival to Platinum, the music was thumping and it dawned on me that I didn't really know how to dance. I hadn't discovered liquid courage yet so that didn't help my rhythm but I blindly followed Becca's lead of ordering an Amaretto Sour. Oh, what a treat! I sipped the sour goodness and kept my eye on it the whole time to be sure I wasn't roofied! I'd heard stories you know.

So back to awkwardly dancing, (me, not Becca, she's always been a good dancer) before long two potential suitors began closing in. While I wasn't particularly attracted to the fellow shuffling my way, I figured the point was to meet boys. And besides, Becca had started dancing with his friend. About an hour and a bathroom conference later, I had tired of my admirer I suspected was at least 1/2 an inch shorter than myself, but B was totally into her guy. "Do you mind hanging out with them just a little longer, " she asked? Going with the flow, I really didn't mind. Plus, they might come in handy for escorting us back to our ride in an hour or so. Who knows what predators were lurking out there! These guys didn't seem so bad.

And follow us back walk us to the freedom jeep they did. Shivering in the night air, somebody noticed meteors darting across the sky. We hadn't expected to be able to see them in the city, but we paused and stared straight into the atmosphere, watching non-stop shooting stars. How romantic it could have been. While Becca was (ahem) chatting with her suitor and if I recall correctly, penciling him in for a date, I surrendered to nestling into mines coat. I didn't yet know what a "wingman" was, but I was really good at being one. I mean, it was afterall freezing. And kind of fun I suppose.

While I don't recall what happened to either fellow, I will not forget how stunning the sky looked in the wee hours of that November morning.

(For the record, Becca later proves to be a praiseworthy wingman to me as well. Once I get some game that is. But that's a story for another day.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No fun. Sitting in the Dark.

I noticed a little lightening and thunder last night about halfway through "Weeds" (Nancy, what the hell are you doing?!?!) but upon inspection of the online weather report there was no concern of a thunderstorm. Let's just say I was annoyed when an earth shattering burst of lightening knocked the power out moments later. Bother. Luckily, I had procrastinated on putting the solar garden lights my parents got me outside so I was able to find some matches and candles with those. The only sound was that of the storm and it was eerily dark on my street. I assured myself there was nothing to be afraid of and that I should just go to sleep before I noticed how hot the house would undoubtedly be getting. It had been 95 degrees during the day! While brushing my teeth I realized I was refusing to look in the mirror convinced that Bloody Mary would be there to greet me with her ax thing. Stupid childhood games.

I broke down. I did what I hate to do. Ring Ring! "Hi Nat. It's me. What's up?" He laughed a little too hard I feel when I informed him the power was out and I was (ahem) scared. Our friend Matt then picked up the phone to give me some helpful pointers.

"Don't answer the door. Especially if it's a guy in a hockey mask!"
"What?!?!" I wailed. "You're feeding into my worst fear!"

He laughed and proceeded on to some more friendly advice about what to do if I heard a chainsaw. Nat finished up and said he should be home in about 2 hours. Two long hours. I tried to put a movie in my laptop, but it wouldn't let me skip past the horror flick preview, which I found to be suspicious. About an hour or so had passed, the storm was calming down and I heard people outside presumably fixing the power situation. I found a Simpsons DVD to try and luckily fell asleep rather quickly. Several more hours passed before I woke up to the sounds of the air conditioning turning back on. I had bravely weathered the storm all by myself! This time...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Work vs Zoo?...ZOO!!!!

Approximately two years ago Kristen, Newman and I were hating numerous aspects of our lives, and the following occurred. This was initially written for an old blog, but I thought I'd bring it back.

For various reasons, Kristen and I had a bad Monday. We decided to go for just a few drinks and an app for din at Treaty of Paris. I warned Kristen that I was wearing a pony tail and when I wear my hair in a pony tail, which is not often at all, things always get out of hand. (IE, flower eating incident at Harry Browne's several months earlier) This night proved to be no different.

A few drinks in and we were emailing our bosses from the bar stating various illness's that we knew they wouldn't question because we were going to go to the Zoo with Nat and Newman! We quickly found ourselves at another bar downing cranberry and vodkas and accepting free shots from the bartender. Oops. We then headed back Treaty, dinner in hand for Nat and proceeded to practice our gymnastics Olympic style, saluting to the imaginary judges in one of the upstairs dining rooms. Apparently, this did not sit well with the dinner I had consumed with the cran-vods' and Kristen was soon holding my ponytail in the ladies. Not easily discouraged, we made our way back to the bar, sans 800 calories and proceeded to drink...something non-alcoholic. The fellow sitting next to me slurringly informed me that he was a nice guy and would like to take me out. I told him that I was drunk and not to talk to me further. Around this time I decided it was appropriate to become a sad drunk and Kristen and Newman proceeded to tell me things to stop the tears from over flowing from my lower lids and at the same time thwart the lame attempts of drunkie next to me. Kristen assured me that she would help me find a new fabulous job and something that I genuinely was going to love. Eventually, Newman said he had better take me to Nat's house as I believe I was starting to wilt and I probably had vomit on my face in a less than desirable fashion. Who
really knows though.

I was informed the next day that I was incapable of climbing the long staircase to Nat's so Newman opted to carry me up after several failed attempts. Allegedly, my response when this happened was, "WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!". Again. who really knows. Being the (obviously) irresponsible young professionals that we were, we didn't actually leave for the zoo until 2 o'clock. By this time I had made it back to our apartment and mooched Kristen's leftover noodles and then stole strawberries out of her bowl for nourishment as I was too hungover to come up with food on my own. Kristen and I wore the biggest sunglasses we could find and insisted that Newman play our new Maroon 5 CD that had just come out on the way there. He got pretty annoyed when we kept singing the "Ooooh, oooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooh," part and turned it off. We felt like misbehaving six year olds.

When we finally arrived it was sweltering outside and steam rose from the black asphalt from a recent storm. Before long we amused ourselves by calling each other animal names ("Dont be such a two toed sloth''. "Your moms a Black-Naped Fruit-Dove" ) and praying none of the animals would escape and attack us because it would be hard to explain why a lion mauled me while I was sick at home with a bladder infection. I suggested that Kristen might be able to hide from a Cheetah, but it would probably find her anyway, because when it got close she would sneeze since she is allergic to cats. Newman said that was a weird way to think and only a hung over person would say it, but why wouldn't she be allergic to a cat, just because it was a large cat?

Our trip was cut short when a thunder storm rolled in and Kristen and I began to regret our decisions to go braless, fearing our wet shirts would prove to be see-through. Those of us who were hungover and spent most of the morning vomiting were in need of dinner anyway, so Nat suggested a Thai place we had been to once before and we were able to dry off and drink hot tea before it was time to head home.

Lack of sleep from the previous night allowed me to fall into a deep slumber upon Nats chest immediately upon arrival to his flat. I awoke refreshed and little more prepared to face another day at my despicable place of employment.

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Feature!

Here at Night Notes on Napkins, I know you're busy. You don't have time to check your favorite blogs randomly to see if there is a new post. It took me a while, but to your right you'll find I've added a Subscription Widget! Sign up and whenever I post something new, you'll receive an email.

Happy Weekends to all!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good Wholesome Fun

Friday was exceptionally stressful. One might think I would respond to such a thing by consuming vast amounts of cocktails and carelessly wandering into random people's homes. But I didn't. That was the last thing I wanted to do on a day that not only did one of my favorite patients die but plenty of other undesirable events occured including but not limited to my inability to attend hot yoga due to the vicious and painful bruise I received after having blood drawn. Sun salutations and Chaturanga's were out of the question. I wanted to lock myself in the safety of my home, turn off the phone, out the lights and gluttonously eat Chipotle and drink wine. Which I did.

I woke bright eyed, bushy tailed and full of determination. Hopping onto my bike with my new matching helmet, I was ready to conquer the B&A trail! Or so I thought. That pesky bridge on the way is much steeper that it appears. In the end, I made it almost to the B&A trail before heading back. My heart was pumping and I broke a killer sweat so ultimately it was a success. See? (You can click on the pics for larger views)

Then it was off to the pool. Kristen and I drank wine, soaked up the sun, (as much as possible behind my 45 sunblock that is) discussed life and made big plans! Here are some highlights.

I snagged a cup of joe and a bottle of champagne on the way home in preparation for Vicki's Birthday. When she and Mel arrived we all said, "I don't know, what do you want to do?" a lot before walking downtown to view our options. We ended up at our favorite fav Nano for sushi, and pineapple chicken, chatted with our buddy Ling and joked about all the things we could be writing on the napkin but weren't. In the end, we all decided a slumber party was next. Pajamas, strawberry pie and the previous mentioned champagne awaited our arrival back at home. It was like 7th grade but slightly more sophisticated. All excited for brunch in the am, a novel idea occured to us around 1am. The sooner we go to sleep, the sooner it will be time for brunch! I didn't quite make it to sleep straight away because that fella Nat (he's alright ;-) ) arrived home and I was much more inclined to spend a few quite moments (we have so few) with him than falling straight to sleep.

Wrapping things up, brunch with the girls was delish and the rest of the day with my love was well, lovely!