Sunday, July 12, 2009

Party Crashers

I don't have to tell you how much I enjoy starting an evening having cocktails on Ian's porch and ending it at random people's homes. But I will.

Newman and I headed over around 8 and the three of us sipped cool beverages and played a few rounds of Crazy 8's which is interesting because I hate cards, but was totally the drink Nazi after winning the first game. Speaking of such, here are the Napkin (Plate) Notes.

July 11th, 2009, Ian's Porch

Newman: If it comes out of the original vessel, it can't be wrong.
Ian: That's what she said.

Ian: I can Eddie Haskell the shit out of parents.

Newman: The winner makes everyone drink...Which I don't think will be a problem with this group.

Newman: Drink again!?! ---and I'm a "nice Nazi???"

Jenks- I'd like to make sure she's farther away.

Before long we left for mixing and mingling with our regular cast of characters at Stanley and Joseph's before ending up at Kyma. Being the responsible ones that we are, Ian and I decided it was time to call it a night. I had a hot date with Nat and the Season Finale of Harper's Island anyway. In a creative departure, we exited through the back right below the bright red sign like we were avoiding a flood of paparazzi. From there, our walk home went smoothly and uninterrupted for about 30 seconds when we became distracted by the sounds of a party! I can't be certain who suggested we pay a visit, but it might have been me, and Ian might have thought it was a fantastic idea. So much that without a moments hesitation he walked straight in the front door. I was thinking "Uh,oh," but said, "Oh, helloooo!" as I ran into the kitchen behind him and told a room full of people that I was Julie and this was Ian and we were just popping in to say hi. I quickly met the hostess named Britney and her friend who seemed pleased to have their party crashed by strangers. In fact, they told me they liked my shoes. I was making my summer debut of these, so really who can blame them?

I'd lost Ian already so I gave myself the grand tour of the living room and found an elaborate beer pong set-up in the backyard. (Mostly it was just a table with red plastic cups.) "Hey, I know you," said some girl! Staring blankly into a vaguely familiar face, she reminded me that we used to go to the same gym before it closed. We made small talk and before long I was suspecting the average age of the party was 22 and we needed to leave. Long story short, we forgot to leave and instead began to insult everyone. *Hangs head in shame. Not surprisingly the other party goers started to turn on us. At one point, that gym girl even said, "WHATEVER!!!"

We went inside and I complained to Britney that her friends didn't like us anymore so we were leaving. She said it was nice to meet us, thanked us for stopping by and even hugged me.

Around this time, Newman called to see where we were and we quickly found our way to the proper street. I went on to my original plan we'll get to Ian's night momentarily.

The next day after brunching with Mel and Ben at Ramshead, back at home I was startled to hear someone at the door. Convinced it was John Wakefield resurrected from Harper's Island I was relieved when it was just Ian. "I woke up in a random vehicle, next to a car seat, without my cell phone andmissing one shoe. What happened last night???" I retold the tale, confused as to how he had not made it into his house, before we determined he must have left his phone at Britney's. With Nat as our bodyguard, we headed back to City Gate where all the houses look exactly the same. Confident we'd found the proper home based on the beer cans in the back and front yard, we were alarmed when a 50ish lady (but the kind that still wears Forever 21) who had clearly been sleeping answered the door. Not missing a beat (Eddie Haskell style, see above) Ian plead his case, but the annoyed woman assured us there had been no party the night before. Realizing, A.) Britney was really not going to like us when she found out we ratted her out to her Mom for having a party or B) Her Mom is dumb, we scurried away and called the phone (and shoe) a loss.

After parting ways, I looked up at Nat. "Are you mad?" Luckily, he was amused at our little fiasco and we went on to have a lovely evening. We met up with Chris and his friend Rachel, headed to the Japanese Steakhouse and ended up back at the duck park enjoying the beautiful night and a bottle of sparkling. Perfection.

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