Monday, July 27, 2009

Ian's Birthday (Observed) Part I

Picture it. Ian's porch. A grill. Bubbly. (Both beer and cheap champagne) All the ingredients to start the weekend right. We had decided to behave for various reasons and the number one rule for the night was to keep things classy. 

THE Night Note.

Newman: We're going to be good and classy...and out.
Ian: Classy is the new black.
Ronnie: I could show you things you can do without a penis!
Newman: You can't. Your name is on a mailbox with someone else.
Newman: Look, we wanted to hang out, but it's classy night.
Ian: Wrinkles are not classy.
Ian: Eastport. It's a whole 'nother country.
Julie: Newman, you're an alpha male.
Eli: This is what you always deny. That I taught you how to do the dog. 

We walked across the bridge to Carrols Creek and  Rockfish, before heading back to Pusser's  and meeting up with Ramsay and Eli. Not ones to stay put this night, and hearing there was a good band at Stanley and Joseph's we cabbed it for one last stop. I hadn't seen Ram and E in a while so we had lots of catching up to do. Aside from a slight run-in with some chick in painfully boring Old Navy khakis and flip flops (horrors!) who made a snide comment about my short skirt, (I was wearing a long shirt and short shorts bitch!) we were pretty classy. 

THE Map. 

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Anonymous said...

Note to self... don't wear Old Navy Khakis and flip flops around Julie, considered boring...leave "Mommy" woredrobe at home.