Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dude, where's my visor?

I think it's going to be necessary to implement a new feature on Night Note on Napkins known as the "Explanatory Emails." We'll get to that in a minute though.

Friday, Mel and I had big plans for a day on the river at ButtsTubes catching up, drinking wine and eating carbs. The trip was going smoothly until it came to an abrupt halt seven miles from our destination. A half an hour later we had moved but half a mile and decided to pull off to the marked "Picnic Area" for a quick sandwich and wine fix. There was a threatening rooster watching us and we were a little too close to Burkittsville for comfort so we left before long in hopes the traffic had cleared before the Blair Witch could get to us. The sky was ominous and the cars were still gridlocked so we regrouped and headed to the Bead Bungalow in West Annapolis where I made a sweet amber bracelet. Then all this happened on a note:

BOL'r Non-Tubing Day (but with great attempt) 7/3/09

It's like Buddha threw-up in here - Mel

How do you catch a guy wearing just a dick sock? - Jul

These bears are making out. - Jul

I liked them until they started coming out with like chocolate parmesan. -Mel

Mel, the %@$ is on fire.

The next day we didn't feel like officially partaking in the downtown 4th of July shenanigans so we watched the fireworks from my window and then headed to Ians. The napkin only chronicles the first few minutes of the evening and you'll see why.

July 4th, 2009 Ians House

Mel: I'll take your peer pressure.
Newman: and I'll raise you...?

Bernie: You've got a road Vineyard.

From there, a fairly large group of us ended up at Federal House. I sort of wish my camera wasn't on the fritz and I was able to take large amounts of ridiculous photos, however maybe it is best I only had my disposable water camera on hand thus thwarting photographic evidence of the crime that seems to have taken place. And now for the new (paraphrased) email feature:

Julie : I think Mel may have taken off with one of your friends visors.

Newman : We stole that. Do you not recall? We stole if off a coat rack at fed house.....nice blackout Julie....high five.

Julie : I have no recollection of this. I was a little concerned about befriending a douchebag who wore a visor anyway. I feel a lot better about life.

Ian : I don't think I was there when this occurred. I was a little worried I had been hanging out with someone in a visor too. Especially since it was night time.

Julie : I wonder if I was present for this alleged theft as well. I don't normally steal things.

Newman : Julie, you were indeed present before, during and after the visor theft. It was a dance accessory for you at several points in the night. I regret to inform you that wearing said garment probably means you have caught something. Sorry about that.

Julie : Crap.


apey528 said...

That visor thing is hilarious! I'm be sure to tell Daniel you have joined theft club.

jules said...

I do find it interesting that Mel was yet again an accessory to a theft crime. At least it wasn't the Maryland State Visor this time. Though it was Navy.... hmmm.