Monday, July 20, 2009

The day after Sunday...

It would appear as though I made a quick post last night wouldn't it? In Kurt's defense, he did not initiate the flavor/color comparison. Nat was the one who said the wine smelled purple, and Kurt went with it saying it tasted blue. See? Wine isn't snobby.

In any event, yesterday involved Nat and I lunching on the outside patio at Corner Cafe. Fantastic Lamb Gyros and fun french jazz. Picked up some fancy cheeses, some wine and took advantage of the mini-beer tasting outside Mills on the way home. By 5 we were on the water at the park with Chris enjoying the aforementioned purchases. I wasn't kidding when I said I was hand feeding the ducks. They got brave and plucked chips right out of my hand. Nat wasn't nearly as amused as Chris and I were when one the the ducks flapped it's feathers and splashed water all over him. I was like, "That's Quack!"... Ok, maybe I wasn't.

No need to worry about the cheese Nat has his foot on. We deemed that one inedible. Those mallards wouldn't even partake.

Before long, Kurt and Matt had arrived as well and it was time for Spaghetti making, Monte Python watching and Sommelier celebrating. I awoke this morning wondering the following:

1. Why am I so dizzy?
2. Could we possibly have consumed all NINE of those bottles of wine on the counter?
3. Why is there wine on the ceiling?
4. Seeing that Matt's bike is still on the porch, maybe we did drink nine bottles.
5. Is there any spaghetti left?
6. No, seriously, why is there wine on the ceiling?


Kristen said...

And....why WAS the wine on the ceiling? Don't leave me hanging.

jules said...

I still don't know. Nat just said, "Oh, a bottle did explode when I opened it." I assure you, this is red wine on the ceiling however. Not champagne.