Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paper Plates as Napkins

Friday's shenanigans were ridiculous! We started out on Ian's screened in porch sipping Miller light and working diligently on a bar route, scavenger hunt items and list of several places we surely could not partake in. The night unfolds as follows...(on a paper plate)

Plate of Fun Translations:

"Is she the one that was married, ...and getting more married?" Julie

This is in ref to Newman thinking we should go to Hero's and Davis's while we were still sober and could drive. Ian and I put the kibosh on those plans straight away.

"I don't want to accidentally hang out with Mashleigh!" -jul
You wouldn't either. Trust me. They suck!

"The alcohol content is less than 40%. What's the point?" Newman -ref blow job shots

"Drink 'till it's not awkward." Ian

"Did 1995 call? They want their hand back" Newman
For some reason I gave him the hand at Metro.

"We're playing 'price is right' rules right?" Ian

"IT'S ALL DOWN HILL FROM HERE!!!" Ian & Jules 'get rich quick' scheme
Unfortunately, I have no clue what the scheme was, though I feel we may have been at Kyma by this point....

While I was taking notes of amusing comments on the front of the plate, Ian was tracking our bar progress on the back Family Circus style. There are reference's I simply can't explain because they're inappropriate, however Ian's ability to map distance by beer is pure genius. We joined a birthday party at Metro (Jerry's) and ate green and orange frosted cupcakes, remorseful that they must be at least 900 calories but at least they might be helping with alcohol absorption. At least those were my thoughts.

Our list of unacceptable bar locations to patronize included but was certainly was not limited to O'Brien's so its fitting that the last comment by Ian says "You wouldn't think we'd have ended here, but we did. Sad story indeed." Classic!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dinner in and Drinks out. Oops.

Newmans in town for two hours and don't you know we all end up at Treaty drinking shots and bringing the bar back home with us. Behold, the Treaty of Paris Friday night note...


Newman: I'm trying to change my life.
Julie: You say that as much as I say I'm not going to drink.
Newman: We'll see who succeeds.
Julie: Yeah, we'll see.
Both: We'll see.....

"spoil her game" = cockblock
After--> Julie to Nat
"You spoiled her game?!?!"

Nat: You challenged me. Now I have to...get straight.
This was based on Nat consuming one of those pesky unwanted shots. A rare scene indeed.

J to the Newman:
You're mean that you won't
Clearly it couldn't have been that mean since I forgot what he had done in the middle of writing it.

Peanut: Woman are bi-sexual, men are #*$@!*%

Oh, we had such good intentions. Nat made rack of lamb and risotto with an innocent bottle of champagne followed by a red before we agreed Newman was right. Treaty of Paris sounded like good low-key fun. Before I knew it, it was 4 am and I'm slicing cheese for crackers and forcing dark chocolate on our guests who are lounging leisurely at the kitchen table and on the bow-flex bench sipping glasses of red wine. Life is good...