Friday, May 22, 2009

Simple pleasures...

At precisely 4:39 I escaped the icebox of my office and practically skipped into the warm sunshine that promised the elusive and oh so coveted three day weekend. I'd made of list of things I'd hoped to accomplish these three precious days while at work as to assure I didn't waste away this sacred time. While I know this sounds square and unfun I'll confirm said list included things such as get pedicure and do chocolate face mask.

Basking in my freedom I mentally shunned the stuffy gym, promising myself not only lots of sun-filled walks but 10am Body Pump in the am and headed off in search of (more) black-out curtains. (BLISS!) Then I was off to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few nutrition books. I'm doing a little experiment with my body which involves no alcohol for a few weeks along with some intense working out. We'll see how well that works out for me. Of course I couldn't leave without some leisurely reading though I've got to finish The Count of Monte Cristo first and I've only just begun. Luckily, its immediately enticing. I treated myself to a decaf joe while I was there since I am as of late, caffeine free. (Against my will. Grumble)

Next, I ventured to the Lebanese Taverna and perched on a high table where I perused my books, sipped my coffee and watched fellow diners as I waited for my take-out. At the table next to me a couple of 50ish hippie fellows sipped wine and looked as though they knew how to enjoy life. If I were Scarlett Johansson if this was Vicki, Christina, Barcelona, I surely would have joined them and we would have laughed and chatted and told stories and flew off somewhere fun in a private jet. But of course it couldn't be just like the movie and even if it was, that would be weird. So off I went, but not without saying the "goodbye" and "have a lovely evening" niceties.

Kick-starting my wholesome weekend, I sit at my coffee table delighted in the cuisine and indulging in one of my all time favorite and not secret guilty pleasures. Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom. I can't and won't explain. The second always was, and always will be my favorite. Oh, Doctor Jones how alluring you are. I was charmed from childhood.

My chocolate mud mask and latest edition of Rachel Ray magazine call...

Oh, wait. I wasn't in this movie either. See what happens when I'm left to my own devices on a Friday night?...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh Kate...

Oh, how I love to love you. Or love to hate you. Or something along those lines.

Truth be told, if I wore short hair, this is how I'd do it. And I might even go as far as to pretend it was the next "Rachel" if it made me feel better about the fact that I had 8 kids and may or may not be sleeping with my married body gaurd whilst my husband was hooking up with 23 year old college students. Then again, I just got back from a Happy Hour that started with sipping Grand Marnier on an empty stomach and ended narrowly escaping a trip to a scary sounding place called "Bamboo Burnies." So what do I know? Love you Kate...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Midnight on the Bench of Life and it's always Good.

In the historic town of Savannah in April, the days are a perfect 82 degrees, the trees are green and Spanish moss is delicately hanging over the cool squares that define this unique southern getaway. If you catch a local story teller late at night over glasses of spirited sweet tea's, he'll swear the moss is actually strands of gray hair from a wronged woman named Mary who just won't rest. Tiny shops with friendly owners show you treasures within and always ask where you're from. And if you're Mel, April and Julie on a Friday night, two bottles of champagne in, cocktails from Jazz'd in hand and roaming the City Market unable to commit to one location, it's not a problem. We sit on a bench and let the bar come to us...

Bench of Life Bar 04/09

"We've all tried to drink out of wood." --Mel

"Treason against the country of Mel."

"The structural integrity of my wedges are far more aesthetically pleasing than hers." --Julie

Ape- I don't want to talk about it.
Random Guy- Yeah you do. You brought it up.