Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Speaking of the Kitchen...

...I was in it on Sunday. In fact, I did the hosting of the Easter dinner. This was a huge deal for me! I even put on an apron. Visions of a blackened, smoking ham did not come true. Everyone said my Southern Comfort sweet potatoes tasted exactly like my Grandmothers. Cheryl brought her wine cookies that I've become obsessed with in the last year and my Mom made the most adorable cupcakes. Everyone was chatting and my Dad was running around being manly checking on the squirrel situation and showing me how to take apart the vacuum cleaner I just got. Afterwards, Nat and I hit up Sly Fox for a beer and basically, it was the best day.

I was trying to kill some time before hot yoga at 6 on Monday night and decided to pop into the newly renovated Shoppers to see if it was upgraded enough to shop in. Things went downhill after the produce. A seemingly nice lady in a scooter asked me if I could reach a can of Mushroom soup for her which I happily did. I was a little intimidated by her acrylic pink talons, but was more horrified by the smell wafting from her. Then this tall sashaying man started coming at me at lightening speeds in the dairy aisle. I was just trying to get out of his way and he was all, "Hey Girl! Hey, sweetie!!!" He almost hit me with his flailing arms! About this time smelly scooter lady was making a turn towards me looking high above her head. I wasn't taking any chances so I hustled to the self check-out lane. Things went smoothly until I finished and was bagging my items and the lady behind me starting flinging her items down the conveyor belt mixing, mingling with mine. What the hell??? Had I been a dishonest individual, I could have grabbed and bagged her goods too!!!... Though, I'm not sure what I would have done with Fried Chicken TV dinners. After all that, I got into my car and it was 5:02. I gave up and went home until it was time for yoga.

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