Saturday, March 14, 2009

Third Thursday

After perusing the Night Notes, I suspect this may be the original. In 2005, Brandon, Kristen and I were having wine nights at my place every third Thursday. We ate cheese and crackers and sometimes played Cranium if Ram and Eli were around. This note is on stationary, undated and uncredited. It's a good one though.

"That's not normal. I'm glad it happened."

"I tell ya, that myspace though."

"I can't think of a time I forgot something."

"Who gets the power- the hotter person?"
This is why we called these "Circle of Trust Wine Nights." We had such philosophical relationship conversations.

"I like this book...story...SONG!!"

"Does it say stern or stem?"

"Relatively more thought than you thought that I would"

"I love wine night... and you may live here soon...ish."

"Jason Mraz sucks"
Clearly, this was a Brandon comment.

"I'm really bad at suck & blow. I'm not sure what that says about me sexually"
WHY were we playing suck and blow as 20 somethings on a Thursday?!?!


"You talk the talk, now hum the hum"

"That's how I draw. With my eyes open... My eyes were open."
I think this was my response to Ramsay drawing with his eyes closed in Cranium when they didn't need to be closed.

"Fuck You Juice"

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